17th International conference on SCENAR therapy

From 1st to 6th October 2011 RITM OKB ZAO and SCENAR-Center Turkey will be holding 17th International Scientific and Practical Conference on SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise -RITM America – SCENAR on five continents-. We invite you to Marmaris (Turkey) where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet. Forum Organizers: – RITM OKB ZAO (Taganrog, Russia) – inventors […]

How to Protect Your Health from Cellphone Radiation

I’ve been telling people about the dangers of microwave radiation from cellphones. I hate to say I told you so, but, “I told you so…” in these research articles published throughout the years: Is the Hidden Microwave Infrastructure Dangerous? CellPhone Radiation: Formal Declaration of Danger Reducing Electromagnetic Noise Exposure and more warnings from all kinds […]

13th World Congress on Qigong/TCM Set For San Francisco

13th World Congress on Qigong/TCM Set For San Francisco Qigong & TCM: Energetic Anti-Aging, Optimum Wellness & Longevity; w/over 55 world-class experts, scientists & celebrities April 29 2011-May 2 2011 — San Francisco CA; Early-bird deadline is next Friday March 31 2011; Pending Nursing Continuing Ed Credits; Expand or create a new lucrative career http://www.acteva.com/go/eastwestqi […]

Frequency Generator Clears Polluted Gulf Waters

Hutchison-Lazaryan frequency generator clears polluted Gulf waters Famous anti-gravity researcher, John Hutchison, and his associate, Nancy Lazaryan, have come up with a device that emits a combination of audio and radio frequencies that have the effect of clearing waters polluted by oil and dispersant in less than 24 hours, bringing the native life back. by […]