Hacking the Aether

Hacking The Aether is a presentation given by¬†Aaron Murakami at the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference and it was one of the most heretical talks ever on the energy sciences. It has roots in my book The Quantum Key, but Aaron Murakami goes into great depth on many subjects that he did not previously […]

Malaysian Flight 370: Exactly Where Did it “Disappear?”

Malaysian Plane Disappearance Caused By Hyperdimensional Grid???You Judge! [Video] is a short, but excellent introduction to the planetary grid and research by Iver Sanderson into disappearances of boats and planes in 12 major areas of this grid. Please have a look at the video: This post is a continuation from Malaysia Flight 370: What is […]

What is “Reality” in the Minds of Psychologists?

In the recent article, In quantum theory of cognition, memories are created by the act of remembering, a mainstream psychologist, James M. Yearsley, is just now beginning to recognize how quantum theory may apply to the human mind. As you see in this article, mainstream psychologists only think at the level of the neuron, be […]

Updates at Bioenergetic Spectrum as of July 2010

I have this ridiculously huge scrapbook of material that keeps pouring in concerning the Gulf Disaster / Holocaust. A great deal of the content is damning, therefore I try to publish only that content devoted to protecting our health. Most of the information devoted to protecting our health is damning, therefore, you are going to […]

Conspiracy Theory: Haiti EarthQuake Natural or Man Made?

I get these google alerts on psychoenergetics and bioenergetics. Then I like to correlate my findings and report them to you. As of late, I’ve been getting strange results concerning the 12 January earthquake in Haiti. This is because the same energetics technology that is used for healing has also been weaponized on a grand […]

The Key to Quantum Forces in the Body: Microtubules

Here is a reference from over 10 years ago that has a specific inference to quantum microtubules as studied by Drs. Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff. Too bad Prof. Smith doesn’t bother putting his work in the same pot as these gentlemen. Unfortunately, the actual article, “Is a Living System a Macroscopic Quantum System?” is […]

UFO’s Captured using Infrared Digital Camera

The following video shows a small sample of the fascinating things that you can capture using your own infrared converted digital camera from Life Pixel Infrared Conversion Services: Trevor James Constable in his book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs, provides a number of photos of living plasmoid aeroforms captured […]

Water is Life, Dark Age Emotional Deserts are in a Drought

Thanks to everyone who supports the post on Earth Day Remembers North Pacific Trash Gyre. I’m all about conserving our natural resources. I know now that there are plenty of you out there who support the same. It’s ridiculous that “modern, civilised” man could allow such a huge mess to happen to our only planet, […]

Quantum Basis of Bioenergetics Discovered in Plants

Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts? Quantum mechanics holds that any given particle has a chance of being in a whole range of locations and, in a sense, occupies all those places at once. Physicists describe quantum reality in an equation they call the wave function, which reflects all the potential ways a system can […]

Hidden Bioenergetic Spectrum of Deep Space Aeroforms

In the book, “The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs,” Trevor James Constable provides solid proof of the hidden bioenergetic spectrum available to us. As living denizens of this planet, it’s difficult to deny the vast mysteries of all the different forms of life around this planet. Through his own pictureds […]