Bacterial Bioenergy Economy eats Your Trash

Thermotoga maritima (green/yellow rods) growing in co-culture with Methanococcus jannaschii (red spheres). T. maritima ferments sugars to hydrogen and M. jannaschii converts hydrogen to methane. These new strains of bacteria that eat trash while producing hydrogen and methane has been like a shot heard round the world recently. I thought I would cover a few […]

FAN Fluoride Newsletter

So here it goes: issue number 1 of our revamped newsletter “Fluoride News You Can Use”, including videos you can watch, flyers you can download, fluoride news you should know about, and a quick online action item that could help save Louisiana from an impending fluoridation mandate. 1) NEW VIDEO: An Environmental Professional Speaks Out […]

Preventive Medicine: Coenzyme Q10

Clinical Uses of Coenzyme Q10 as a Supplement by Dr.Vishaal Bhat Extract: Aimed at improving cellular bioenergetics, counteracting oxidative stress and slowing down some age-related pathologies Cardiovascular disease & CoQ10 (1) Cardiac surgery – past clinical trials suggested improved postop cardiac function and reduced structural damage, recent RCT failed to demonstrate a difference in clinical […]

Programmed Cell Death

There are hypochodriacs out there who latch onto this concept of programmed death – especially when scientists come along and verify their assumptions, no matter how off the mark they are: Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2002 Apr;959:214-37. Related Articles, Links Programmed death phenomena: from organelle to organism. Skulachev VP. Department of Bioenergetics, A. N. […]

Earth Day Remembers North Pacific Trash Gyre

On this particular Earth Day, it’s most important for “civilised” people like ourselves to take note of evils we don’t see everyday, yet affect us on a daily basis. The North Pacific Trash Gyre is one of those out of sight, out of mind evils that we cause chronic health ailments in everyone who enjoys […]