Epigenetics: How to Program Your Genes to Prevent Cancer, Chronic Disease, and more, part 1

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides us with an excellent overview of how we can use epigenetics in his article: Epigenetics: How Your Mind Can Reprogram Your Genes. Here is an excerpt: So the good news is that you are in control of your genes … You can alter them on a regular basis, depending on the […]

The Connection Between Mouth Bacteria and Heart Disease

Recent mainstream media reports such as that from “the most powerful news network” insist there is no connection between and mouth bacteria and heart disease. What doctors ARE pointing out are the connections between certain bacteria that can proliferate from poor oral hygiene which can lead to heart disease. Please read these articles from Harvard […]

How to Detox from the effects of Gulf (and more) Oil Spills

What BP Doesn’t Want You to See Philippe Cousteau, grandson of famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, who went underwater off the Gulf Coast to see first-hand what the Deepwater Oil Disaster looks and feels like. And the answer to the question “What doesn’t BP want you to see,” he came back with: “This is a nightmare.” […]

The Key to Disease Prevention is a Life Miracle: Vitamin D

How Hard is it to Spell ‘D’? February 2, 2010 According to a paper in the current British Medical Journal, “more than 50% of the adult population (in Great Britain) had insufficient levels of vitamin D and 16% had severe deficiency during winter and spring”. Another recent study found that an alarming

Clinical Bioenergetics as the Holistic Cure to Disease

Clinical Bioenergetics by Michael Galitzer, M.D., is the quintessential guideline for health practitioners and patients alike to curing most disease which is caused by toxins from stress, pollution, and life-negative ingredients pushed by conventional medicine and the food industry. I’ve always thought of the treatment within this manual as naturopathic medicine, but the overall combination […]

The Tragicomic Food Industry Film

Last weekend, I was watching a PBS special, an interview with Robert Kenner, director of Food, Inc., an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry. The big food industry has refined the science of corn in such a way that most prepackaged foods and a lot of disposable household items are made of corn. […]

Book Review: Molecular Bioenergetics

Molecular Bioenergetics: Simulations of Electron, Proton, and Energy Transfer (Acs Symposium Series) Molecular Bioenergetics: Simulations of Electron, Proton, and Energy Transfer (Acs Symposium Series) Manufacturer: An American Chemical Society Publication Number Of Items: 1 Number Of Pages: 210 All living things rely on the efficient storage, transduction, and use of energy. For example, all free […]

Health Warning: Plastics in Food and Water

Here is a warning from a neurotoxicologist that diet soda in cans that have been left unrefrigerated and heated to above 90 degrees result in the transformation of some of the contents into formaldahyde. .. Read on… From: Terry Donnenwirth Dangers of Plastics with Foods and Water Water in your car is very Dangerous! On […]

Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Anthrax, and more BS propaganda

I’m just no good at playing the starry-eyed gullible zombie or the devil’s advocate, neither are you if you’re reading this. The latest Swine Flu propaganda by mainstream media is history replaying itself. How many threats of pandemics have we had already (by the politicians and mainstream media) that have never come to fruition? Because […]

Biohazard: Toxic Effects of Common Plastic Containers

The following is an addendum to Earth Day Remembers North Pacific Trash Gyre. I was going to tack this onto the same post, but it’s getting too long. Please observe the following cautions when buying your food in plastic containers. Common plastic containers and plastic lined metal containers may be leeching toxic chemicals into your […]