How the California Drought is caused by GeoEngineering

Video: Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

Dane Wigington of provides the most comprehensive explanation on chemical trails (chemtrails) to date. In a half hour, he explains the devastating consequences of artificial geoengineering – mostly by Lockheed and Raytheon.

In contrast to others like myself in “Chemtrails or Contrails?” who have been pointing at the steadfast chemtrails in the sky for decades, Dane Wingington explains in only 30 minutes the imbalance in weather patterns that most people have attributed to “climate change” on this planet, so anyone can understand – even small school children who are being told in their text books that “aerosol spraying is good and safe.”

Is the U.S. Government aware of these chemtrails? When the U.S. Government awards U.S. Patents for chemtrails, then you can believe that the U.S. Government has some type of involvement:

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming

US 5003186A – Assigned to Hughes Aircraft in 1991

The average joe might come along and say, “oh, it says ‘for reduction of global warming,’ so it must be a good thing… besides that, why would anyone do something to intentionally harm this planet?…”

Chemtrail sunscreens all started out with “good intentions.” The problem is this geoengineering methodology by Lockheed and Raytheon is now running amok. As Mr. Wigington points out:

The pharmaceutical cure for planet earth with a list of side effects so long that it makes the original problem look benign…”

As you might know, the pharmaceutical industry fails over and over again through the decades with their experimental drugs on aids or any experimental vaccine for that matter.

By the same token, the geoengineers with their financial obligations and government contracts (which lasts for decades) have been spraying the entire planet over and over again through the decades with their experimental formulas (right over our heads without our consent) with devastating geophysical side effects – not to mention any deleterious health effects on us.

The main problem is that the geoengineers are turning a blind eye to all negative side effects as they focus on fulfilling their contracts to cool one region of the planet at a time. As Dane Wigington states,

We can cool one place at the cost of making the rest of the planet warmer…”

No one can attribute any kind of natural weather patterns to the imbalances we are experiencing. At the moment I am writing this, the TV news actors promised us rain here in a rain starved California – twice this week – only to go back on their promise by saying only certain parts of California are getting rain. Meanwhile, a super typhoon hit Japan and storms on the U.S. East Coast. What’s causing this?

The geoengineers with their government contracts are only “contracted” to cool one region of the planet at a time; their contracts probably don’t say that the entire planet has to be cool – only one designated region at a time.

In essence, the geoengineers are saying, “We’re only fulfilling our contracts, the hell with the rest of the planet…”

That is the scientific cretinism which is the source of so much abuse of life on this planet: I don’t care about anyone or anything else – I just want to get my job done and get paid…

I get so many emails that talk about pets, farm animals, wild life, getting abused by evil dimwits because of whatever deadline, financial obligation, or emotional disturbance they have – that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Are you still wondering why anyone would intentionally harm this planet? In fact, no one intentionally harms this planet, but you probably know what mindless, careless people are like. And the bigger their toys, the nastier the problems they cause.

You may be wondering if there still any jet engines in the air making condensation trails (contrails). As Dale Wigington points out, high bypass turbo fan jet engines by design are incapable of making any type of trail; this includes all oil tankers, and all commercial carriers.

How long have these high bypass, turbo fan jet engines been in operation? For decades. Ever since the first U.S. Patent for chemtrail sunscreen was awarded, the new jet engine technology also came out at that time decades ago.

Now you know why some jets leave trails in the sky and some don’t.

In the next post, I will either post an item on the scientific cretinism that led to the ebola outbreak and things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones or I can post an item on how you can build your own weather control device to help destroy those chemtrails over your head. Please let me know in the comments below what you would like to see next.

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