Malaysian Flight 370: Exactly Where Did it “Disappear?”

Malaysian Plane Disappearance Caused By Hyperdimensional Grid???You Judge! [Video] is a short, but excellent introduction to the planetary grid and research by Iver Sanderson into disappearances of boats and planes in 12 major areas of this grid. Please have a look at the video:

This post is a continuation from Malaysia Flight 370: What is a De-manifestation? because this particular part of the subject is in the geophysical realm closer to our bioenergetic spectrum.

Obviously, the short presentation in that video is part of a much bigger lecture – wherein the disappearance of earth and air vessels opened a little known door to mainstream scientists.

However, human historical evidence indicates that ancient peoples not only knew of these geophysical doorways; they also knew how to manipulate them.

The following video is also part of a larger presentation in vibration, geophysics, and human. The cymatics section will give you an idea of how different geometrical shapes are formed through vibration. Please have a look at “The Veil of Thoughts 02 Cymatics 432hz Vibrations Schumann Resonance Mathematics Anti Gravity:”

If you haven’t guessed already, the fundamental frequency surrounding our planet is a Schumann resonance (Most famously known at 7.83 cycles per second). Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Most geophysical scientists who study the Schumann Resonances realize that the fundamental frequency has been changing since its discovery by Winfried Schumann. Ergo, the nodes have also been changing. This means that the America’s well known Bermuda Triangle and Asia’s well known Dragon’s Triangle have been moving. The November 2013 Super Typhoon in the Philippines was an indication of this.

In all likelihood, Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared somewhere in the Dragon’s Triangle (AKA, The Devil’s Sea). The article at Malaysian Flight MH370 – Another Victim Of The Pacific Ocean’s Bermuda Triangle – Dragons Triangle discusses this in detail – albeit, less scientific and more hype.

For those of you who prefer to understand the geophysical nodes in terms of music, think about the 12 half steps or semitones within an octave, then extrude those semitones into the vertices of an icosahedron. –>

Next time, we will examine exactly what is a “de-manifestation” and how the geophysical grid of our planet is directly correlated to each of us.

I will also be giving away an academic text book with many authors on anti-gravity, the world grid, and how we are energetically related to our planet; the research within this book is being referenced all over the web. For example, please have a look at “Earth’s Grid Systems.” Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your time.

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