Are Current Weather Patterns Related to Fukushima Disaster?

I studied the subject of oranur a few decades ago. There were bizarre findings between nuclear testing and drastic changes in global weather including drought such as what we are experiencing now in the United State’s West Coast.

Dr. James DeMeo kept a record of weather patterns as they related to India’s nuclear testing from 1998.  The findings are quite revealing:

Special Topic Regarding Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy.

Unfortunately, the link to UNUSUAL LONG-DISTANCE ATMOSPHERIC AND GEOPHYSICAL EFFECTS FROM UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR BOMB TESTS AND NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ACCIDENTS does not work, but I did find a .pdf report on the web entitled, “Unusual, Long-Distance, Biological, Atmospheric and Geophysical Effects From Underground Nuclear Bomb Tests and Nuclear Power Plant Accidents: Suppressed Scientific Evidence” which you can download at your convenience.

The following video outlines the radiation problem we are facing from Fukushima up to february 2014 including the mainstream media blackout:



In spite of the taboo subject of, “Fukushima = 4,000 Chernobyls + the Solution by MT Keshe,” The scientist, Keshe, has the solution to end the radiation disaster at Fukushima. He is ready, willing, and able to provide his assistance to the people in charge (TEPCO?). Please catch “PROJECT CAMELOT: INTERVIEW WITH MT KESHE RE FUKUSHIMA” to help you understand the entire situation:



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