The Connection Between Mouth Bacteria and Heart Disease

Recent mainstream media reports such as that from “the most powerful news network” insist there is no connection between and mouth bacteria and heart disease. What doctors ARE pointing out are the connections between certain bacteria that can proliferate from poor oral hygiene which can lead to heart disease.

Please read these articles from Harvard Medical University, Science Daily, and the Mayo Clinic to decide for yourself rather than allow “the most powerful news network” to make your opinion for you:

Heart disease and oral health: role of oral bacteria in heart plaque

BOSTON, MA — The billions of bacteria and other microscopic critters that live in the mouth unquestionably influence the health of teeth and gums. But do they also cause problems for the heart and blood vessels? And can improving oral health prevent cardiovascular problems?

The notion that problems in the mouth cause diseases elsewhere in the body makes sense but has been difficult to prove, explains the Harvard Heart Letter. Scientists are exploring several mechanisms that may connect the two processes. In people with periodontitis (erosion of tissue and bone that support the teeth), chewing and toothbrushing release bacteria into the bloodstream. Several species of bacteria that cause periodontitis have been found in the atherosclerotic plaque in arteries in the heart and elsewhere. This plaque can lead to heart attack… (continues at Harvard Medical School)

Newly Identified Oral Bacterium Linked to Heart Disease and Meningitis

ScienceDaily (Feb. 22, 2012) — A novel bacterium, thought to be a common inhabitant of the oral cavity, has the potential to cause serious disease if it enters the bloodstream, according to a study in the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. Its identification will allow scientists to work out how it causes disease and evaluate the risk that it poses… (continues at Science Daily)

Heart disease prevention: A link to oral health?

Can poor oral health cause heart disease? Will taking care of my teeth help prevent heart disease?

Poor oral health — not regularly brushing or flossing — is unlikely to be the primary cause of heart disease. But poor oral health combined with other risk factors may contribute to heart disease.

Bacteria on your teeth and gums could travel through your bloodstream and attach to fatty plaques in your arteries (atherosclerosis), making the plaques become more swollen (inflamed). If one of the plaques bursts and causes a blood clot to form, you can have a heart attack or stroke… (continues at Mayo Clinic)

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