How Probiotic Bacteria Aids Proper Digestion for Intestinal Health

Do you have a fish tank? Ever had a fish tank or know someone with a fish tank? You know that person with the fish tank is very sensitive about his / her fish tank, right? That’s because that person put a lot of work into that tank to establish and maintain it to make sure the inhabitants stay alive and healthy.

By the same token, some people are very sensitive about what they put into their stomachs; actually there are a few people, too few. In fact, our stomachs are like fish tanks: We have absorption systems, filtration systems, and biological systems.

Besides the living digestive system, the biological systems also consist of billions of microscopic flora. When our health is good, the presiding microscopic flora consist of good bacteria which helps us digest our food; these bacteria are known as “probiotics.”

Even with the best filtration system like a fish tank, our digestive systems can accumulate toxins, especially in this age of unnatural food preservatives, drugs like anti-biotics, GMOs and more. The good bacteria or probiotics can actually mutate into toxic or carcinogenic bacteria when forced to live in a toxic environment. For the same reason we change the water in a fish tank due to the accumulation of toxins, we also need to flush out toxins from our digestive systems and re-introduce healthy organisms.

Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria that occur naturally in the gut. These beneficial little bastards maintain balance in your gastrointestinal (GI) system and eliminate dangerous bacteria like salmonella. New studies link them to reduced inflammation of the GI tract – one of the reasons why people colon cleanse in the first place.

And if you’re in the market for a colon cleanse system with probiotics, consider Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse. Keep reading for details.

Colon Cleansing?

Have You heard of this one? Colon cleansing refers to products or techniques that purge the digestive system of toxins that accumulate in the colon and leak into the blood stream. Benefits include:

  • less constipation and diarrhea
  • more energy
  • mental focus
  • better nutrient absorption
  • healthy weight management
  • skin that glows

Having said these things, all colon cleanse systems are not equal. Most, yes, most colon cleansers are little more than harsh laxatives that blast feces out of the colon like a fire hose enema. In the process, they upset the balance of good and bad micro-flora in the gut to make symptoms worse.

Colon cleansing is a comprehensive therapy, for your body and your mind. In some cases wherein people choose an ineffective system, they become hospital patients.

Make no mistake, you should do a colon cleanse. But it pays to do your homework before you choose a colon cleanse system. Specifically, a colon cleanse should be a natural formulation and reduce inflammation of the delicate lining of the GI tract. And probiotics? Let’s gut to that.

Probiotics May Reduce Inflammation

According to a new study, conducted by researchers from University College Cork in Ireland, probiotics may lower levels of inflammation in the GI tract. Such inflammation is linked to psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In the study, patients with one of these aforementioned ailments took the probiotic bacteria B. infantis for eight weeks. The researchers also gave the probiotics to healthy patients. Similarly, they gave a placebo to the ailment-stricken and healthy patients. In both cases, the results were clear: Probiotics reduced inflammation.

Research is ongoing, of course, and it’s unclear which strains of probiotics may treat specific ailments, or at what dose. But it’s encouraging to know that probiotics may treat chronic inflammation, linked to pain and sometimes life-threatening conditions. More commonly, probiotics may reduce the same inflammation responsible for diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and bad digestion.

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

Let’s summarize what we’ve learned thus far. Colon cleansing serves an important function for your digestive system and overall health. And yet most colon cleanse systems are harsh laxatives that alter the constitution of the GI system and simply make symptoms of bad digestion worse.

Similarly, new studies link probiotics to reduced inflammation of the GI tract. In patients with ailments like fatigue and psoriasis, the improvement was especially remarkable, though probiotics reduced inflammation in healthy patients as well.

Therefore, if you’re interested in colon cleansing, you should look for a natural system that’s specifically formulated to reduce inflammation of the GI tract. And it should come with probiotics, either within the system or as an optional supplement. If the latter’s the case, you’d do well to take that option.

Your remaining choices? The safest, most effective approaches to gastrointestinal health point to Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

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