How to Colon Cleanse Safely to Cure the “Holiday Stuffing”

What’s the deal with colon cleansing anyway? Why are so many Americans interested in this rather unorthodox therapy for the body and why should I do it?

Well, if you have participated in the holiday tradition of over-indulgence at your Christmas Meal or you’ve had one too many fruit cakes, ginger bread cookies, mince pies, and before that, you had too much Thanksgiving Dinner, and before that, you had too much Halloween Candy or any other self indulgent holiday snack, then you already know the opposite feeling of being cleansed; this means it’s time for your year end cleansing (rhymes with “year”).

Let’s talk about how to start fresh and healthy for the new year. Colon cleansing is a detox for your body and a fresh start for your system. You can fix a car. You can restart a computer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reboot your body with a royal flushing?

Welcome to the art and science of colon cleansing – a chance to purge your digestive system of the toxins that build up in the colon and leak into the blood stream. New start, new you.

You’ve just got one body to go through this life. Your health counts for something. And with the proliferation of faulty and sometimes dangerous colon cleanse products and systems, you’d do well to know more about colon cleansing and what to look for. The best colon cleanse system for your money and well-being? Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse. We’ll get to that.

Your Colon

The colon is the last stop in your digestive system for nutrients before they’re expelled. Most nutrients have been absorbed at this point. Bacterial fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs here.

The issue is that your digestive system is a collection of tissues and microflora that are easily irritated – particularly with the nutrient deficiencies and unhealthy diets of modern day, decadent fast food diets, empty calories, and toxins.

The combination of other factors, including stress, lack of exercise and obesity can cause build-up of harmful toxins in the colon that “leak” into the blood stream and body fat is especially prone to accumulating toxins – the main reason obese people have tendencies towards sickness.

There’s another big issue: The lining of your gastrointestinal system is prone to
inflammation. This triggers a series of problems, from poor nutrient absorption to gas and constipation, fatigue, illness and weight gain. Yet perhaps most disturbing: New studies link build up of harmful bacteria in the colon to increased risk of colorectal cancer. Yikes.

About Colon Cleansing

The benefits of colon cleansing are vast and numerous. They include:

For those looking to change their diet, cut out fat and excess carbs, shed fat or otherwise make healthy changes to their lifestyle, colon cleansing is an effective way to detoxify the body and start over.

Of course, it’s not always that simple. The colon cleanse process is comprehensive and can stress the body, particularly if you’re used to large meals or carry more fat pounds than you should.

Make no mistake – you want to eat healthy, and live an active life. But if you’re
interested in colon cleansing and the benefits it offers, be aware that many colon cleanse systems are little more than harsh laxatives that blast feces out of the colon like liquid Drano in your kitchen plumbing. In the process, harsh laxatives trigger worse inflammation of the GI tract and upset the balance of microflora within the gut. The pipes in your body are sensitive – like the inside of your mouth or your nose. Think about it.

Your Strategy for Health: Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

Since you’re obviously interested in colon cleansing and the many benefits it provides to your overall health, you should know that many, if not most colon cleanse
systems are dangerous. What should we use for our next movement? Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse.

Consider that Intensive Colon Cleanse is a slow, natural therapy for your body. There are no drugs involved. Instead, we use gentle, natural laxatives including pysllium husk, magnesium, and brown rice fiber.

Digestive Science employs the power of nature with the latest in digestive research. Through intensive clinical studies on the GI system, we’ve formulated Intensive Colon Cleanse to nurture the body, slowly. We’re not in a race to sterilize your gut of every life form, as most colon cleansers are. Instead, we use a gentle, ten day cleanse, to allow your body time to detoxify and prepare for the next steps.

About that other issues like – inflammation of the GI tract? Intensive Colon Cleanse is strategically formulated to soothe such inflammation, with proven natural ingredients that calm the tissue and optimize your colon for health and vitality. Healthy colon, healthy system. Less gas and constipation. Excess fat melts away. You’re lookin’ good and you feel amazing.

And if you’re really looking to re-invigorate your digestive system, check out the Maximum Digestion Probiotic and Daily Digestion Support supplements, both of which work synergistically with Intensive Colon Cleanse for ongoing digestive health and maximum benefits to your well-being and quality of life.

As the old Italian Saying goes, “Eat Well, Live Well;” it’s a philosophy of self-control wherein we eat to live – not live to eat. Some people say, “there’s only one life to live – let’s enjoy it…” Then they burn away their lives by over indulging with a few moments of fleeting “pleasure” in exchange for stomach ache, heart ache, headache, body aches, gout and phlegm the rest of the time. It’s not worth it, man!

(Of course, there are some people who eat constantly to keep up their “pleasure” {serotonin levels} while building up their “insulation,” if you know what I mean… In fact, here’s a little video from a TED Conference by Dr. Terry Wahls – “Minding Your Mitochondria.” Dr. Wahls actually recovered from multiple sclerosis through essential nutrients. Enjoy this colorful video about taking good care of your insides:

Let’s really eat well to live well. Living well means good health. Good health means self control, not self indulgence. Good health also means eating healthy foods. Do you really want to enjoy your life – or do you want to be a miserable garbage glut to yourself and the people around you?… Yeah, that’s what I thought.

When you do over indulge, at least treat your insides well with a year end Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse. Then you can feel well enough to treat your outsides well too for the new year. Now, that’s a New Year’s Resolution.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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