Drug-free Antidote for Tension Headaches

I usually place guest articles by Jim McElwee at HealingMindN Power Circle. Since this discussion is based more in the physical rather than emotional realm AND brainwaves are part of the bioenergetic spectrum, I have decided to place the article here for your convenience.

I cannot stress enough that chronic headaches can have very serious implications. Around this time last year, my mother’s headaches became very serious (they started around June 2010) and she had seen a conventional doctor several times about these headaches.

You may know by now that conventional doctors have a paint-by-numbers routine when it comes to treating their patients; medicare doctors especially have a wholesale inability to treat their patients individually.

I’m not going to cover the whole fiasco of what happened to my mother because of conventional medicine, but if I didn’t recognize the symptoms of aphasia and call emergency, she could be dead now – or worse.

Suffice it to say that the source of her headaches was life threatening; she required surgery, an extended hospital stay with a regular IV antibiotics (part of which I had to do when she went home.) 

If you feel that your headaches are serious enough and your conventional doctor is not helping, go to an emergency room. The same goes for loved ones: If you see someone who is out of their minds with a headache and conventional medicine isn’t helping, take that person to the emergency room.

This is when the REAL fun begins because the specialists who REALLY know what they’re doing will do a real job of finding the source of that headache as well as question the impotent actions of the conventional practitioners who didn’t look into that headache as deeply as they should have.

That being said, the following guest article mainly covers tension headaches, headaches caused by every day stress from traffic, work, kids, more work, bills, rotten people (including zombies) and emotional upset. BWE is Your Key to Be Free:

Drug-free Antidote for Tension Headaches

Today I’d like to talk about something we all struggle with from time to time.  Headaches, as you know, are one of the most life disrupting conditions anyone can have.  And though you may not know it, these same headaches are going to leave you completely incapacitated until you can once again regain your normal function.

Those who can speak from experience will tell you headaches are worse for chronic sufferers than almost any kind of common pain related ailment – particularly when you need to think.  And all too often thinking in itself can initiate headaches making the problem only more distracting and disruptive for the sufferer.

Happily there is a remedy, however, thanks to our entrainment therapy.  Just as so many have looked to pain pills and meditation to help soothe their otherwise life wrecking headaches, there is a solution that goes to the very root of the problem and solves it at its source.  The human brain is an incredible thing – controlling everything from blood flow to how the mind reacts to pain.  And we have developed a system that helps regulate the sources of headaches as well as the symptoms simultaneously.

But there is a process to headache remedy as well that can help and give you the most effective benefits from our entrainment therapy right away.  The recordings work well on their own, but sometimes you have one of those headaches that simply will not go away.  These techniques, used in conjunction with our entrainment recordings will ensure you can meet even the most overwhelming headaches head on – and prepared.

One of the drawbacks of using drugs to help cope with headaches is the physical addiction that can come along with them.  And additionally, even simple over the counter (OTC) medicine can have detrimental effects on your liver if not taken according to very specific and sometimes complicated instructions.  And some medication has even been linked to cerebral micro bleeds and even bleeding after surgery for up to ten days afterward.  So if you need effective relief, it’s going to have to come from your own brain – and we can help you achieve it.  Don’t miss out!  Check out our entrainment therapy today.

Through relaxation exercises designed to soothe the major blood vessels in your head and the use of entrainment therapy, you can actually discover for yourself just how effective the power of the mind can be when combating even the most intense headaches.  Don’t forget the mind is usually the cause of these headaches in the first place – causing stress, strained focus, tension, and constriction of blood vessels leading to increased pain in various regions around the skull and face.

I hope you found this introduction to our headache entrainment therapy helpful.  Keep in mind your stress level is always within your control.  By taking fifteen minutes out of your day you can inexpensively eliminate headaches from your life and get back to living the life you always wanted to.  Next time I’d like to look deeper at just what these relaxation exercises are and what they can do for you to get you back on track and living pain free.


Easy Tips for Stopping a Headache

I’d like to once again take a look at a problem affecting all of us.  Headaches can not only distract us and loosen our grip on our daily lives, but can also create a rift between us and the world around us that can remove us entirely from the lifestyle we want to live.

You may recall how we gave an overview of headaches, possible causes, and what we can do in our everyday lives to put an end to them.  We also briefly touched on the subject of exercises you can do to help ensure even the toughest headaches don’t stand a chance.  This time we’d like to give a few more tips on exercises to help eliminate your headaches before they get out of control.

First, let’s take a look at the muscle groups that are commonly associated with headaches.  Tension headaches, which are commonly associated with a few specific muscle groups, account for some 90% of all headaches.  And to master these muscle groups through a combination of entrainment therapy and exercises is to master control over 90% of all headaches you can get.  We will be coming back to those other 10% in the next (section).

You should make yourself familiar with the services offered by our entrainment therapy.  You can always find the headache remedy entrainment program.

So let’s take a look at the steps you can take either during or immediately after our entrainment therapy has begun to work.  First, understand that one of the goals involved here is to let go of your tension.  Things that help you do that will of course speed you along toward letting go of those muscles.  But one of the problems with chronic headaches is some of these muscles are difficult to control or let go of – particularly in high stress or high maintenance situations where your attention may divert to other things.

First, if at all possible get yourself into an external place of solitude and quiet.  Clear your mind.  Allow your thoughts freedom, and close your eyes if possible.  Take care not to enter a state of hyper focus, but rather let your mind drift for a bit and imagine the tension in your body leaving as you take in fresh relaxing energy with each new breath.

colon points 1 - 5During this time massage the muscle bound web of skin between your thumb and index finger.  This is a pressure point that has been used for decades by doctors and for centuries before that by eastern healers to relieve tension headaches.  (More specifically, apply light pressure using thumb and forefinger of opposite hand to points 3 and 4 according to the graphic to the left. Point 3 is geared towards sinus headaches and similar. Pressure is steady, circular, or tapping according to personal needs.)


If something is keeping you from focusing, a distraction as simple as the droning of a metronome or the ticking of a clock can help considerably.  Try to do something to approximate things you do when you’re enjoying yourself at home.  Ideally, you should be able to find a way to listen to our entrainment therapy.

So whether you’re using the two techniques in conjunction, or you are primarily relying on our audio recordings, one thing is certain – you have control over your headaches.  And nothing can take that control away from you.  There’s no excuse not to live the life you’ve always wanted – free from the pain of headaches.

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide to headache relief.  I hope you found this exploration helpful.  (In the next section), I’d like to finish up our headache relief guide by taking a closer look at the other ten percent of headaches we mentioned earlier and what you can do to both resolve them long-term and give yourself immediate short term relief as needed.


Every Day Sources of Tension and Stress Headaches


I’d like to finish up our headache remedy training by illustrating some of the other types of headaches we suffer from and what we can do to help them.  In our previous letter we illustrated the cause of the majority of headaches, which are overwhelmingly caused by stress and can be remedied through relaxing our facial, neck, and back muscles.  But what about the other headaches which can have a variety of causes?

We have learned to live our lives in a variety of environments.  Though humanity is no stranger to differing circumstances and the wildly changing tides of life, in the past hundred years or so our bodies, which were used to living in seasonally changing environments for hundreds of thousands of years must adapt each day in ways we previously didn’t think possible. 

We will go from cold to hot in a matter of seconds both figuratively (with complex schedules) and literally.  Even the convenience of air conditioners is something our bodies are entirely new and still adapting to.  To help regulate how our bodies react to these changing environments we’ve developed a way to regulate our own brainwave patterns.  You can start today by taking a look at our entrainment therapy.

But could the headache sometimes be caused by something else?  If your headaches are occurring at times when you are (or should be feeling) stressed, then you may actually have a problem with tension related focusing. 

If you find yourself getting headaches while engaged in conversation, while studying, watching television or movies, playing video games, or while out and about the headache may still be tension related. 

As always understanding yourself is one of the keys to living a healthier and happier life, and so as a result you should check up on yourself and record your activities before, during, and after a headache.  A doctor may be happy to be able to call on this information if the need should arise.

But the factors causing headaches are often misleading.  Even if stress is not the direct cause, it may be a contributing factor or causing the headache indirectly.  An example here is someone who is stressed and doesn’t recognize feeling dehydrated. 


As a result they completely ignore the body’s impulse to drink water or they normalize this stress and consume caffeine until they’re at an agitated state that is what their body interprets as the new “normal.”  Our entrainment therapy helps with these contributing factors as well, giving you a good launching pad from which to annihilate your headaches and make sure they don’t come back.

Currently there are an estimated 200 causes of headaches, some of which can be indicators of a more serious underlying issue.  Any headache involving loss of vision, awakening from sleep as the result of a headache, or intra-cranial pressure might be indicative of something more serious, and should be followed up on.  This diagnosis can come only from trained medical professionals (e.g. ENT Specialist), however, so checking up with them is recommended.

Stay happy and stay healthy.  We’ve all got a long and exciting journey ahead of us, so it’s important to maintain our cognitive functions and keep pain from disrupting our lives.  If we lose sight of what is truly important in our lives, things like headaches will soon begin replacing things like relaxing walks, conversation with friends, rewards for a job well done, time with our families, and so on. 


It’s not just about solving a single problem, but a whole different (healthy) lifestyle we hope to help you achieve.  And I hope our exploration of headache treatments has been a step in the right direction.


Whether you feel a headache about to come on, or you’re in the middle of what feels like a battle in your brain, just slip on the headphones and let our Delta frequency calms every nerve in your head down. As your headache leaves you shortly thereafter, you will feel once again in control of your life. Best used just as a headache is approaching, but also good for those day long brain pounding aches brought on by stress.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee


RR1 Box 320A Effort, PA 18330



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