A Healthy Mouth Does NOT Include Mercury or any other Poison

Years ago, I had my mercury amalgam fillings replaced by a holistic dentist; before procedure, he had me ingest a few detoxing supplements, placed a bizarre shield in my mouth and a breathing mask on my nose including eye goggles to keep me from breathing in amalgam particles.

The procedure was definitely NOT the most pleasant (it wasn’t like the young, pretty dental hygienists who straddle me while cleaning my teeth), but my experience with this holistic dentist was one of the most rewarding:

  • I’m retaining my youth as opposed to people my age with mercury amalgams.
  • I can get a good night’s sleep as opposed to people with mercury amalgams.
  • I can think clearly as opposed to people with mercury amalgams.
  • I don’t get sick as opposed to people with mercury amalgams.

 Did I suffer any after effects from this holistic procedure like dizziness or cancer from mercury poisoning? No. This is because the holistic dentist took every precaution – and I took every precaution to cooperate with the dentists and his assistants.

 In direct opposition to such a procedure, the fear mongering National Institutes of Health are telling people to fear such procedures – as if keeping mercury amalgams in your mouth are much safer:

Significant mercury deposits in internal organs following the removal of dental amalgam, & development of pre-cancer on the gingiva and the sides of the tongue and their represented organs as a result of inadvertent exposure to strong curing light (used to solidify synthetic dental filling material) & effective treatment: a clinical case report, along with organ representation areas for each tooth…

These results are clinical studies of the work of conventional dentistry that does NOT take the precautions of holistic dentistry.

There are many more life-positive reasons to use biologically inert materials used by holistic dentists. The main reason that conventional dentists and the ADA prefer mercury “silver” amalgams is that it’s “cheaper.” The following items prove that mercury amalgams are more expensive to ALL of us in the long run.

  • Mercury is a potent heavy metal toxin that can poison your brain, central nervous system and kidneys.

  • It is one serious toxin and it CAN severely damage kidneys when  amalgam fillings are improperly removed (by conventional dentists).

  • Children and fetuses, whose brains are still developing, are most at risk, but really anyone can be impacted.

  • In fact, just one drop of mercury in a lake would poison the lake to the extent that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would ban it from fishing.

 Yet, unbelievably, certain “health” professionals and officials let you carry around a mouthful of this toxic metal and would have you believe it somehow loses its capacity to do harm if installed in your teeth.The average person in the U.S. has eight amalgam fillings. Clearly, this is no small problem and calls for urgent action.

Mercury Fillings and the Environment

The ADA and other pro-mercury proponents have always claimed that mercury fillings are a very cost effective way to treat dental decay. But is this true? NOT when you examine the true cost to human health and the environment.

Mercury from dental offices is actually the largest source of mercury found in waste water. According to an article by Michael Bender (co-founder of the Mercury Policy Project), at least 40 percent of mercury flowing into municipal water treatment plants comes from dentist offices! And urban water treatment plants are not set up to remove it, so eventually this dental mercury will end up in the fish on your dinner plate

Please see the rest of the this shocking information, “Charlie Brown on Movement to Ban Mercury,” at Dr. Joseph Mercola’s site. As you can imagine, since mercury poisoning is a source of over 4000 diseases, the personal cost to yourself as well as your loved ones comes at TOO GREAT A PRICE.

Every person with mercury amalgam fillings eventually gets mercury poisoning and must be treated. BUT conventional medical doctors DO NOT take mercury poisoning into consideration.

I guarantee, even if you tell a conventional medical doctor that you fear your mercury amalgam fillings may be affecting your health, he/she won’t even begin to entertain the thought; he/she will most likely refer you back to a conventional dentist along with their own prescription that will only treat your symptoms.

Fortunately, there is a movement stirred by concerned Americans who are aware of the dangers of mercury amalgams. The FDA may decide to ban mercury amalgam fillings, but only with the necessary push by concerned Americans.

Please urge the FDA to heed the advice convened by its own scientists in December 2010. To voice your opinion, contact Dr. Shuren at:

Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director
Center for Devices, U.S. Food & Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Ave.
WO66-5431, Room 5442
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

Phone: 301-796-5900
Fax: 301-847-8149 or 301-847-8109
Email: jeff.shuren at fda.hhs.gov

The following are Charlie Brown’s recommended talking points for this contact:


  • Thank Dr. Shuren for agreeing to act on amalgam fillings this year.

  • Please end the use of amalgam immediately for children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive adults (as a minimum).

  • Please make sure every parent knows amalgam is mercury, not silver, by making warnings mandatory. Every consumer should be told the truth about what’s going into their mouths, and their children’s mouths.

  • Kicking the can down the road is not acceptable. It is time for a decision now, NOT an announcement that the FDA’s decision will be postponed. We have irrefutable scientific evidence about the dangers of mercury amalgams. Your children are being subjected to harm now—they can’t wait another year.

 Less invasive, less painful ways exist for dealing with cavities as mentioned  at Charlie Brown on Movement to Ban Mercury. What’s more important is to prevent cavities before they happen. One of the best ways to do this besides good oral hygiene is to use superior oral health products.

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