17th International conference on SCENAR therapy

From 1st to 6th October 2011 RITM OKB ZAO and SCENAR-Center Turkey will be holding 17th International Scientific and Practical Conference on SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise -RITM America – SCENAR on five continents-. We invite you to Marmaris (Turkey) where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet.

Forum Organizers:

– RITM OKB ZAO (Taganrog, Russia) – inventors and producers of SCENAR devices
– Rostov State Medical University
– A. Revenko International SCENAR Academy
– SCENAR-Center – Turkey
– SCENAR-Center – Bulgaria
– Kosmed International B.V. (Netherlands)
– RITM Australia, RITM SCENAR Institute (Australia)
– RITM America (USA)

Additional assistance is provided by our partners:

– SCENAR Health Australia
– Scenar Health Canada
– OLMC “SCENAR-Ukraine”

The conference will provide:
– Different types and levels of training, part of them free of charge.
– Maintenance and technical inspection of your SCENAR devices.
– Upgrades and repairs at discounted prices.
– A round table with subjects selected by the participants
– Every participant will receive an attendance certificate and those who join any type of training program – a Certificate issued by the manufacturer of SCENAR devices.
– All conference papers and documents with the latest news in SCENAR theory and practice;
– Interesting cultural and entertainment program.

Some of the best SCENAR experts and teachers in the world have already confirmed their participation.

You will be able to communicate with world-renowned SCENAR therapists from the East and the West with many years of experience and outstanding results. You will have a chance to share your experience and to seek solutions for any problems in your work. You will be able to meet personally with scientists, doctors, designers, and engineers – authors of this unique technology. You will benefit from raising your qualification and gaining valuable experience and self-confidence.

The organizing committee will do everything possible to ensure optimal and favorable terms for you. Top professionals will be involved in organizing the main scientific program, as well as the complementary cultural and entertainment events.

We are also planning to provide other benefits for the participants.

We hope you will express your views and specific suggestions so we can do our best to implement them.

Details http://www.xing.com.ua/turkich-konf-eng.htm

Regards, Ihor Zelinskyy
News: www.ps705mini.com
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One thought on “17th International conference on SCENAR therapy

  1. “The Pain solution for your patients and your practice”

    Dear Participant,
    The time for our fall RITMSCENAR® seminar with Dr. Alexander Revenko (the founder of the SCENAR® medicine) is almost upon us!
    As usual, we will be happy to see our returning colleagues, as well as a host of new participants. Everybody will benefit from this exclusive event, as always happens when Dr. Revenko shares his knowledge and expertise with us.
    Attending our seminars present a rare, valuable opportunity to learn from the leader; to ask him questions that no one else can answer; to receive advice that no one else is qualified to offer.
    Our participants frequently bring their most difficult patients to get help and advice from Dr. Revenko, which we encourage you to do. Dr. Revenko will demonstrate SCENAR methods that have been tried and tested in practice that will show you the best way to achieve lasting results inside a standard half-hour SCENAR treatment or less!
    Training consists of several session (you can choose any one you are interested in or all of them) and will take place in Arlington, TX, on October 16th – 21st. 2012
    The registration is open at http://tomatex.com/Registration.aspx

    Organizer Tomatex, LLC

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    RITMSCENAR has been cleared by the FDA for use in treating Chronic & Acute Pain.

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