How to Protect Your Health from Cellphone Radiation

I’ve been telling people about the dangers of microwave radiation from cellphones. I hate to say I told you so, but, “I told you so…” in these research articles published throughout the years:

and more warnings from all kinds of scientists and neurosurgeons….

Now, the World Health Organization has jumped on the bandwagon and You’re suddenly a believer!

WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

Science isn’t a religion, son! We don’t “believe” in gravity just because mainstream news decided to report it’s existence to us. The problem is: How many of you are more willing to heed authority rather than common sense?

Maybe to some people science is a religion. To some people like Oil Cartel Execs, Big Pharma Execs, Corporate Food Execs, Politicians and similar, they use “science” as a veil to obscure the truth to increase their bottom line rather as a tool to advance humanity.

For those of you who prefer to make the leap out of the dark ages and protect your health from cellphone radiation, I make the offer of advanced technology once again:

New Form of Electronic Test Helps Show
Early Signs of Energetic Health Imbalances.

These Energetic Imbalances May Be Showing The Future of Your Health…
One thing you’ll be weary of is keeping your cell phone in your pocket all the time once you see these videos about this cutting edge testing method. Click Here >> Electro-Dermal Screening and the Cell Phone Test.

Ear Hot on Long Cell Phone Calls? Think about all the birds, bees and other animal life that have to deal with an infra(de)structure of life negative technology…

There is another technology that uses longitudinal magneto dielectric (LMD) waves; this technology can be used for communications and energy infrastructure. LMD waves are natural and safe to use as opposed to our present transverse wave technology. LMD waves, as long as they’re handled correctly, DO NOT HARM LIFE.

There would only be a need for a few LMD repeaters through the nation – not thousands of microwave repeaters the way we have it now. LMD waves can actually be used for healing per the report:

Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and
Their Role in the Natural Healing Process

Glen Rein, Ph.D.
Quantum Biology Research Lab
Miller Place, N.Y. 11764

Transverse waves are far less than 100% efficient. LMD waves are far more than 100% efficient. The difference is that transverse wave technology increases the bottom line of communications and centralized power companies because they must constantly build and maintain the attached infrastructure.

Back in the early 1900’s when the inventor of these two technologies, Nikola Tesla, showed General Electric and Edison that LMD waves are far more efficient, their choice was obvious; it was the choice based on greed.

Since then, humanity has fallen deeper into… whatever you choose to call it. I’m telling you these things now, so maybe you want to wise up NOW and support advanced energy technology rather than wait for decades for your great great grandchildren to wise up and ask you: “Grandpa, why were so scared and stupid that you didn’t ask for LMD Wave technology back then?”

Thanks for your time,

Randolph Directo

Ear Hot on Long Cell Phone Calls?