Authoritative Manual: Rife Electrotherapy Devices

Of the people who work with electrotherapy or bioresonant energy therapy devices, very few truly understand the underlying technology that applies to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s Research in bioenergetics.

Of the misconceptions applied Dr. Rife’s work is that radio frequency energy is dangerous. True – there are people who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves such as myself, but we must consider the 1000’s of hours of research data by Rife wherein RF energy takes an integral part in destroying pathogens.

For background, introductory articles on Rife’s work can be found at:

A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies is a 111 page manual recently updated October 09, 2010 and authored by researchers at Everything you need to know about Rife Electrotherapy Devices is in this manual.

One of the keys to understanding the technology is gating:

The process of selecting those portions of a wave that exist during one or more selected time intervals or that have magnitudes between selected limits.

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In the case of Rife Technology, ideally, we want square wave transients, but sine waves also work with proper gating. Therefore, Rife Technology is very selective – or else it’s not Rife Technology. Please take note from the following passage from page 7 of A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies:

Are RF frequencies safe to use?

Today there are many who profess to believe in Dr. Rife and his method of coordinative resonance using frequencies but claim the RF is bad or harmful. Some of these people build and sell instruments that do not use any RF carrier frequencies and put in their sales information that RF frequencies are harmful. This is a great disservice to Dr. Rife. The instruments they build use low audio frequencies like those used in Beam Rays clinical instrument and 1950’s instruments (these frequencies will be discussed later).

When it comes to Dr. Rife and the method he used you cannot “have your cake and eat it too.”

Dr. Rife’s principles were all based on coordinative resonance through RF frequencies. Any method used that does not use RF frequencies cannot be called Rife’s method. Today, regardless of the method used, people call their instruments “Rife Machines” no matter how they are built. Dr. Rife specifically asked that his name not be put on any instrument, yet this is exactly what people do.

There is nothing wrong with people building non RF instruments, but claiming that RF is bad or unsafe just to sell their instruments is where the problem lies. Dr. Rife’s Colin B. Kennedy equipment (which will be discussed later in detail) had a frequency range of about 12,000 hertz to about 2,000,000 hertz. With this equipment Dr. Rife found the many frequencies that would eliminate or devitalize the various organisms he tested. In Dr. Rife’s tests he would have naturally started in the low frequency range and slowly worked his way higher until he found a frequency that would eliminate the organism. All of the frequencies that he found were in the RF range. They went from 139,200 hertz for Anthrax to 1,604,000 hertz for the BX cancer virus. It was only these frequencies that Dr. Rife found that would resonate the organisms and devitalize them. Since Dr. Rife found that only these RF frequencies would resonate and kill the organism then it is impossible to separate RF from coordinative resonance.

It would also be impossible to build an instrument that truly worked on Dr. Rife’s principles without the use of RF or radio frequencies. In order to prove the safety of Dr. Rife’s work we must quote him since he is the person that everyone believes in. Below are two of his quotes on the safety of using RF frequencies in the range and power level that he used. The first quote comes from a letter sent to Dr. Stein in 1956:

RIFE: “I have operated the frequency instrument since 1921. I have watched it advance in style and performance with the advancement of electronics. In the many years I have used this equipment in my research, I have never suffered an injury or any ill effects whatsoever. I found it reliable in performance and efficient in results.” (Letter from Dr. Rife to Dr. Justin Stein, July 3, 1956)…

You may also be wondering about the GB4000 Function Generator advertised around this site as Rife Technology. A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies also has a review of this device from page 23:

..Myth Busters, a cable television program did a test to see if they could break a crystal glass with sound waves. They found when they used only the fundamental frequency without the harmonics they could not break the glass. But when they used the harmonics along with the fundamental requency then they were able to break the glass. This may or may not be pertinent but it is something that should be considered.

With this in mind we decided to see if there was a way that we could duplicate the harmonics without having to use a ray tube. The below reading with the spectrum analyzer below showed that if we distorted the sine wave no more than what the ray tube did we could produce the same harmonics as a ray tube. The reading was done at 1,604,000 Hertz taken from an off-the-shelf GB4000 Function Generator. This test showed it was very easy to duplicate the harmonics produced by a ray tube. We decided to test a triangle wave since the distorted sine wave out of the ray tube resembled it. It also produced the same harmonics as a ray tube.Then we gated an undistorted sine wave and it produced the harmonics. It is apparent that any sine wave frequency from any frequency generator, when gated will produce harmonics…

Please keep in mind that investing in healing technology is similar to investing in numismatics. “Buy the book before the coin…” is a famous saying among numismatists to beginners before they invest their money, so they can make sure the value of their investment actually goes up.

By the same token, we want to educate ourselves about the technology we use to make sure it will actually heal our ailments. There is too much antagonistic, skeptical talk of “snake oil” attached to advanced healing technologies only because there is too much ignorance attached to these attitudes. Imagine what people from the dark ages would say about modern day conventional medicine…

Please educate yourself about the technology first. All kinds of sales hype are specially geared to push our buttons to make us buy into their product – I mainly speak of big pharma and their drugs.

Bioresonant electrotherapy technology and the purveyors of these devices are interested in protecting and saving lives without side effects. If these advanced devices went mainstream, they would push big pharma out of their multi-billion dollar business. Do you believe big pharma would allow that?

Thanks for your time.

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