Background to Bioenergetic Medicine Review

I have the rare privelege of finally getting my hands on an ebook that I would like to share with you; Some Background to Bioenergetic Medicine serves as the standard and the basis for this site on the Bioenergetic Spectrum.

Authors, Drs. Bill Nelson and John Kelsey do an excellent job at elucidating the subject of bioenergetic medicine for all readers; the basis for bioenergetic medicine and all other bioresonant energy therapies is that all substances including living flesh have an electric and a magnetic component because of their electromagnetic origins (at the quantum level).

In special consideration of healing modalities, Drs. Nelson and Kelsey remind us as holistic healers that we apply those therapies that resonate with the subject; a true healing consists of a number of therapies on different levels including emotional levels.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is integral to bioenergetic medicine as a holistic healing modality, but through natural ways of biochemical balancing as opposed to artificial means of adjusting brain chemistry.

Therefore, as holistic healers, we must be willing to deal with patients at an emotional level which tends to be the main contributor to chronic ailments. (e.g. look up emotional freedom techniques at

Background to Bioenergetic Medicine contains undeniable proof of consciousness within each living cell as opposed to the mechanistic perspective which insists that people are nothing more than souless, walking bags of flesh. We are, in fact, greater than the sum of our parts.

The fact that all living forms have a bioenergetic response to all forms of electromagnetic energy, good and bad, should be enough proof to the common allopath that bioresonant energy therapies are possible healing modality.

Unfortunately, if you show this book to a hard-headed, drug company educated allopath, he will most likely do one or more of the following:

  • Roll his/her eyes inside their heads
  • Tell you, “You need a proper education in good medicine.” (An insulting implication taught to all conventional medical practitioners to make alternative medicine advocates look stupid.)
  • Tell you, “I don’t have time for this. Maybe you should see another doctor.”


Yes, allopathic doctors, especially those on drugs, are that predictable. Given that some doctors with conventional educations have become naturopathic to treat their patients holistically with far greater success than allopathic methods means that the choice of treatments by physicians really boils down to morality.

Some doctors (mainly drug company educated doctors) feel that all of creation is basically mechanical and that life is a biomechanical “accident.” Therefore, they feel that all people are worth nothing more than a life time of drugs and surgery.

On the other hand, there are doctors who feel that the soul and the emotions are just as much viable parts of a person as the body and that every part of the body is an extention of that person’s mind. Therefore, they feel that all people are worth healing at every level that resonates with them.

Which doctor would you choose?

Some doctors only want to serve the highest bidder; they are mechanistic thinkers with the added “dimension” of greed. Their interests are based in greed, so they serve the people with the most money and power like drug companies by constantly prescribing new and “better” drugs for their patients.

Other doctors are only interested in healing their patients by working with their patient’s innate healing powers, so their patients are cured, healed and stay well. Therefore, patients usually pay their doctors, so they can stay healthy. Their mutual interests are based in loyalty, friendship, and altruism.

Which doctor would you choose?

Background on Bioenergetic Medicine was actually written for alternative health practitioners, so they can understand the requirements in their holistic practice, but it is also easy enough for consumer to comprehend the essence of advanced bioresonant healing modalities.

In fact, I believe it’s a requirement for every consumer to educate themselves on the alternatives because our lives are worth more than what conventional medicine has to offer. I hope and pray for the era where we can say that conventional medicine is all about bioenergetic medicine. Human society would be truly advanced, indeed.

This book was written by alternative medical doctors, so that no conventional medical doctor can deny the validity of bioenergetic medicine. To that end, I have included excerpts from pages 4 to 6 to help the readers (and the search engines) to understand the basis of advanced bioenergetics as a healing modality.

Even in our basic level physics classes, we were taught that matter is frozen energy, pure and simple; we are enclosed bioenergetic life forms. We should also treat ourselves as such according to the bioenergetic perspective:

Some Reductionist history

200 years of science and technology have illuminated many bodily mechanisms. However this has been based on a reductionistic, dissective approach fathered by Isaac Newton and some of his contempories. Their view of a being was a machine, constructed of a set of parts, which additively made a functioning mechanism: a machine. In the main each part was seen to function independently from the other. Thus it was possible to understand the whole by dismantling and finding out how each part worked. These parts were not considered to have an innate intelligence :they were just like cogs in a machine. They could be mended just like a machine: by part specific treatment. Hence drugs, surgery and transplants.

Paralleling this was the view that people as well as the whole of nature followed a preset design and action set: all events and their consequences were determined by physical laws without any self determining or evolving consciousness. The body was viewed as made from “dead” stuff. There was a separation between body, mind and spirit.
Alongside the scientific view of disease and dysfunction, illness has been seen mainly as an “external factor”: germ, virus, bacteria etc. (but surprisingly not – and perish the thought – a consequence of our technical environment!!).These perceived invaders have been fought with head on, aggressive weaponry.

There has undoubtedly been some successes in intensive medicine, particularly from severe disease. However for many low level, non acute or chronic situations there are very few “conventional” testing or treatment approaches. Often no underlying cause is sought, let alone found. The patient tolerates the discomfort till it becomes sufficiently acute to be “conventionally visible” or accepts continuous medication, often addressing only symptoms and frequently with side effects.

The result has been a progressive dissociation from nature’s integrated, wise and self actualizing base. It is not that this connection never existed or has totally disappeared. It has been present in pre Roman Celtic and Druid traditions as well as ancient Eastern living philosophies. It has been recovered in many healing modalities including homeopathy.

Bioenergetic medicine offers a profound approach to effect re-connection: everything is aimed at restoring our innate self healing ability, reminding, re-educating and re-establishing our own intrinsic abilities. These always act in the direction of wellness. It targets to reduce and if possible eliminate pathological, disease promoting factors and simultaneously strengthen core, healthy and innate physiological processes.

A Quantum Energy Perspective

Central to bioenergetic medicine is the concept that everything-including all life-is made of energy. This is the concept that Einstein is most associated with as represented by the relationship E=mc2. E is energy, m is mass. The equation states that the two are intimately related and absolutely interchangeable. What we “perceive” as solid matter is equally validly perceivable as energy. From an atomic physics perspective we are more spaces than solid material! Even strainers and culenders are more solid than we are! For mass read “perceived solidity.”

The perceived form that energy takes depends on the perceiver, the receiving apparatus. A blind person may perceive movement as sound or air currents rather than visible movement of form: this view is not available to him. Thus our perceptions are not the only valid ones: we limit ourselves, our range of experiences and actions if we are confining. In other frames of reference this solidness does not exist.

To allow and if possible accept that there are other means of interaction outside our normal experience will create the openness that is helpful in working with the Quantum (e.g. look up “remote viewing” at HealingMindN Power Circle). There was a time before we learnt to talk where we heard only noise, a time before reading where that information made no sense. We tuned in and found we could connect, communicate. We accepted the possibility on some level and allowed a learning process to take place.

For example water exists in three main states: vapor, liquid and solid. As vapor it is not always visible: it is still there-invisibility does not mean non-existence. It can still be experienced: as a humid sensation and visibly when it condenses on a cold surface. The molecules of water have more energy, are moving faster and have a greater spacing in the vapor state than as a liquid.

As the collection of high energy water molecules slow down, have less intrinsic energy, have a slower vibration they appear to become denser: they “visibly” contract to a touchy, feely substance. Put enough heat energy into solid ice water and it will gain enough energy to become liquid water: a change in state. Continue and the state changes to invisible vapor.

Shine a light on your hand: notice how your hand has a degree of transparency (translucence): the light goes through the “holes!”

It is worth noting that these changes of state are not steady or progressive but a step, a jump. The physics term for this is a “quantic” change. A determinable quantity is involved. The energy needed to go from water to vapor is known as the latent heat of vapourisation it is not an infinitesimally small and un-measurable amount but a well defined, characterised, reproduceable measurable quantity.

This concept of step or “quantic” changes is the basis for modern physics. Every item in the energy and matter chain has this characteristic when it makes a change: it jumps from one level to another. This was first discovered in connection with electrons (one of the “parts” of an atom) and subsequently with smaller and larger aspects of energetic and “physical” reality. This is really relevant to bioenergetic communication.

More later-for now just hold the concept.

Electromagnetism: a defining characteristic

The mechanistic view of the world is of solid stuff, literally of machines. This is not just a technological concept but extends to all of nature and us. Even the mechanism by which the potential within a lump of coal for heat and light is explained thorough very solid sets of events rather than the potential being as intrinsic an aspect of its being as its shape or color.

The energetic view of all relative solidity is a mass of (intelligent) compressed energy. Physics has revealed that wherever there is energy there is an electrical and a magnetic component: these two are inseparable partners. Each is generated by the other.

When an electric current flows through a wire a magnetic field is generated around it: it is the field generated by an electric drill or sewing machine etc. which interferes with our TV picture or gives the “static” interference through our radio. When a wire is moved through a magnetic field a flow of electrons or an electrical current is generated. This is the basis of electrical generation equipment: bicycle generators, car alternators, gas and electric turbines generating the electricity consumed in our houses. It is a real part of our daily life and not an abstract concept.

We commonly refer to this pair as electromagnetic energy. We use them all the time. Radio waves TV waves, cooking microwaves are all electromagnetic waves of differing frequencies. And…we can measure it!

Each substance has this property of electromagnetism: it exists with a characteristic vibration oscillation or electromagnetic waveform. Each color for example has a characteristic, unchanging electromagnetic field. It’s been measured, catalogued, stored and reproduced! So does each atom, each group of atoms making a coherent molecule, each set of molecules making a substance, each group of molecules making a cell, each set of cells making tissue, each collection of issues making an organ and on and on.

A bit too much of an extension! From the old non-communicating, reductionistic, separationist, mechanistic perspective yes. From the viewpoint of modern energetic physics: not at all. The electromagnetic field signature of many items inert and living, have been captured. Characteristic spectra are routinely used in substance identification. The simplest living things have a characteristic energy form. The energy pattern of viruses, bacteria, liver cells, ants, homeopathic substances etc. have all been determined. All this has been made possible by advances in technology: particularly by the space program…

Some people say that “we should we should treat our ailments according to allopathic medicine because it is based in classical, macroscopic, metaphysical science wherein we all live in a macroscopic world, therefore the quantum levels do not matter…”


All of creation is based in quantum signatures. To say that we, as living beings, have nothing to do with the quantum world is like saying that the color of a flame has nothing to do with the substance that is burning.

Obviously, the color of a flame has everything to do with the substance that’s burning. We’ve all looked at/lit fireworks, so we all know those colors are coming from some where.

By the same token, our life functions and mind patterns are based on our quantum signatures – where the mind resides according to Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram. Most of the times, our signatures become enharmonic because of other pervasive signatures, like a pathogen.

In terms of phase conjugates, as discussed at Nature’s Mind, we use inverse (mirror image) bioresonant harmonics to kill pathogens and bioresonant harmonics to strengthen and balance life functions within ourselves.

Here’s one more exerpt that all health practitioners will understand, so if you’re just a consumer, it’s OK if you don’t grasp certain concepts. If you want to understand, all you have to do is “re-educate yourself in good medicine:”

A reminder of the important points

  • Things do not repeat. We are dynamic, adaptive beings. We are different at 10.01 am from 10.00 am. Test again in 10 minutes and the results, the priorities may have. It shows what is happening right now: not yesterday, not tomorrow.
  • Very small changes have significant knock on effects. A different thought can alter totally our response to life situations. The flapping of the butterfly wings in New York initiating a chain of events to result in a storm in Asia. (Wow, even this one is out there for me.)
  • We are a total being: our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual interact and inter-influence. Test and treat all of the whole person.
  • The Quantum is there to support you –it is there to assist and not to replace.
  • The results may not be manifesting as observable symptoms: it is an energy field, informatics-based diagnosis. It looks at the gross and the subtle, the top and the underlying layers. The most active response may not be the most visible.
  • Cause is multiple and never singular. Be a detective with the results. Look for the common factors, the chain. Use your skills as well.
  • The scores are probabilities…at the 85% + level.
  • Thank you for your time.

    Healing thoughts,


    (P.S. Your comments are expected and appreciated. Thanks in advance.)

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