Colloidal Silver Kills Swine Flu, H1N1 Virus and More

I regularly discuss advanced bioresonant technology like Rife Technology at Bioenergetic Spectrum. There are all kinds of electrokinetic therapies that can be used to kill pathogens like viruses and correct chronic ailments without side effects including bioenergetic biofeedback, multiwave oscillators, magnetic pulse therapy, low level laser therapy, and phase conjugate harmonic translation.

The problem is most of this equipment is cost prohibitive for end users. Unless you’re an engineer and you’ve studied these advanced healing technologies, you’re going to be making a major investment in the equipment. Of course, being an inpatient in a hospital costs at least 1,000 times more than the most expensive alternative healing device, so it’s all a matter of perspective.

When it comes to H1N1 which preys upon weaknesses in the immune system, especially bronchial passage ways, this can have deleterious effects. People have died from H1N1, BUT when we look back at the statistics, the same relative numbers and the same types of unhealthy people have been dying from all kinds of flu for millenia. The swine flu scare is being done in the name of greed, not humanity.

In fact, most people have already had the Swine flu – no, not the swine flu vaccine – the swine flu itself, but most people shrugged it off because it’s just not that bad. Therefore, it’s a matter of perspective. (The only ones raising hell about swine flu deaths and swine flu vaccine are the politicians and doctors who work under the drug companies.)

H1N1 is especially deadly to people with weak immune systems and bacterial lung infections; this does not describe most people – it describes the kind of people who are dying from it, the kind who would die from any virulent contagious disease since their weak constitutions make them vulnerable.

I have also fallen prey to the flu – not because I forgot to take my vitamin D3 or my exercise regimen. My immune system became weak because I felt emotionally bad for a short time. Sadness and depression weakens the immune system (a psychoneuroimmunology phenomenon) and we all have our moments of weakness.

Therefore, although many of us are strong, we can’t turn our backs on those who are chronically weak because we all have our moments of weakness. In respect to those who are weaker, we need to do something to protect them. No this doesn’t mean getting the vaccine; that would definitely make you a carrier of the virus.

What you want to do is build your immune system. This includes staying fit and getting your essential nutrients, especially D3, either through sunshine or orally, 35 IUs per pound of your body weight when you have no sun. You also want to maintain habits of cleanliness – which is next to Godliness. Always be vigilent and mindful of everything you touch including money.

Besides hyperbaric therapy which can cost a great deal of money depending on your insurance plan, there is another way to subdue a contagious virus like H1N1 within the lungs and the blood stream without breaking the bank.

Here are the items you need:

  1. Colloidal Silver
  2. A Nebulizer

If you’re like me, then you want to make your own colloidal silver as you see in the following video:

If you’re a do it yourself kind of guy, then you also want to make your own colloidal silver. Amazon happens to have a Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies Colloidal Silver Generator. Of course, you can also throw together your own set up the way I did. The 99.99% silver wire is relatively inexpensive on eBay.But if you prefer to use a commercially produced product, you can try MesoSilver ® 20 ppm Colloidal Silver 250 mL/8.45 Oz, Highest Particle Surface Area (PSA) for Maximum Effectiveness.As far as the nebulizer, it does not have to be an oxygen nebulizer as referred at “Deadly Lung Infection Cured: Colloidal Silver” and at the article Nebulizing Colloidal Silver.You can use a regular nebulizer like the John Bunn Medulite Lx2 Compressor Ne B U Lite, White.

Strangely enough, someone else beat me to the instructions on How to Use Colloidal Silver in the Lungs. These are excellent instructions except for a few points that I would like to correct or else you’re going to be like that Deadly Lung Infection Cured: Colloidal Silver Student with the intense coughing spells afterwards.

Of course, you want to cut your colloidal silver to 3 – 5 parts per million like that student realized in his article (20 – 50 ppm CS kills too many pathogens at once – especially when you breathe in that mixture for 3 minutes). Remember to cut it with fresh distilled water, or fresh as possible. For example, mix one part of 10 ppm colloidal silver with one part distilled water to make it 5 ppm.

You also have to time yourself when nebulizing with colloidal silver. Don’t do 1/2 to 1 ounce at one time because that’s still too much. If you kill too many pathogens at once, then you will experience a Herxheimer reaction due to rapid detoxification. You also may already have too much mucous in your lungs. Adding too much water vapour can aggravate your condition.

Instead, start with 30 seconds and don’t go full bore inhaling the mixture. Take it easy by breathing both through your nose and the nebulizer. Drink the leftovers after nebulizing.

If you find that you can handle 30 seconds of nebulizing without going through Herxheimer reaction which can include intense coughing, nausea and weakness, then do it for one minute intervals at a time throughout the day. There’s no need to go through a Herxheimer reaction. Slow and steady wins the race. Killing all the pathogens in your lungs all at once can actually do more harm than good. You only have to kill 5 to 10 percent at a time and let your body do the rest.

The silver colloids attach themselves to the pathogens upon neutralizing them. You will expectorate out the excess mucous containing larger particles while the rest get flushed out through your blood stream.

Your body is a dynamo. Things don’t stick unless your sick. I’ve repeated a Traditional Chinese Axiom several times throughout this blog: “Circulation is health – Stagnation is sickness.” Therefore, do deep breathing exercises after nebulizing to get the blood and lymph flowing throughout your body. Here’s an effective set of QiGong exercises for those who are bed ridden to help get blood, lymph, and Qi flowing: Simple Qigong Exercises for Arthritis Relief (YMAA Chi Kung DVD).

Drink plenty of fresh water, green tea, chlorella infused cilantro juice and other antioxidants in between those nebulizings to help chelate out the garbage from your system and flush it away. If you need a sweetener in your tea, use Xylitol powder because regular processed sugar actually feeds the germs while xylitol kills germs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered everything. As long as you follow my precautions as an addendum to the information out there, you should be able to dispense a nasty lung infection, naturally, easily, and effectively.

Please remember:

  • Killing all the pathogens at once in your system can do more harm than good.
  • Nebulize with colloidal silver, 3 – 5 ppm in distilled water up to a minute each time through the day.
  • Flush the pathogens from your body with plenty of liquids.

Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

P.S. In the video, I excerpted a few notes from an extremely informative ebook by Peter Lindemann entitled “Colloidal Silver, A Closer Look.” This five page manual dispells any myths in the production and storage of colloidal silver.

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4 thoughts on “Colloidal Silver Kills Swine Flu, H1N1 Virus and More

  1. Silver particles, eh? In a day and age when we can make colloidal silver instead, that active silver formula harkens back to the days when rich people would stay healthy because they used silver ware. There was also the ancient custom of putting a silver coin in a pitcher of drinking water – which would produce micron size silver particles over time.

    Personally, I wouldn’t spray the active silver formula up my nose because it can end up in the lungs and get lodged in the alveoli, tiny air flaps in the lungs.

    CS consists of stable clusters of nano-sized charged particles that will NOT cause problems within sensitive tissues and mucous membranes. If I recall correctly, the few people who suffer from argyria on this planet used a similar formula to the active silver – which led to their argyria.

    Please do not spray the active silver formula up your nose. The 10 ppm CS nose spray which I indicated would be preferable.

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