Colloidal Silver Kills Swine Flu, H1N1 Virus and More

I regularly discuss advanced bioresonant technology like Rife Technology at Bioenergetic Spectrum. There are all kinds of electrokinetic therapies that can be used to kill pathogens like viruses and correct chronic ailments without side effects including bioenergetic biofeedback, multiwave oscillators, magnetic pulse therapy, low level laser therapy, and phase conjugate harmonic translation. The problem is […]

The Key to Disease Prevention is a Life Miracle: Vitamin D

How Hard is it to Spell ‘D’? February 2, 2010 According to a paper in the current British Medical Journal, “more than 50% of the adult population (in Great Britain) had insufficient levels of vitamin D and 16% had severe deficiency during winter and spring”. Another recent study found that an alarming