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I want to share a guide with you. It contains the sort of hyperbole that I refer to at About Bioenergetic Spectrum concerning the use of new age buzz words. The guide is called “Bioenergetics: The Foundation and Structure of the Human Energy Field.”

I’m not sure who wrote this guide and there are concepts in here that may or may not be useful. It takes derivations from a few books in bioenergetics beginning with concepts derived from basic physics; that all physical matter is frozen energy and that zero point energy within matter always provides us with characteristic vibrations or harmonic waves of probability particular to a substance.

Thought provoking concepts on the human energy field begin with historic treatment of bioenergy within different cultures. A short history of researchers in bioenergy is provided beginning with Pythagoreans, then it goes into detailed synopsis of Dr. Valerie Hunt’s work in Electromyographic Evaluation of Structural Integration Techniques, wherein she correlated her measurements with that of hypersensitive individuals in observing the aura.

Then there are a few more excerpts with focus on the Human Energy Structure including chakras and auras with special treatment of the skeletal structure as a transceiver device of sorts.

At that point, I would have given Ehrenfried Pfeiffer honorable mention; his work in Sensitive Crystallization Processes, a demonstration of formative forces in the blood proves that our blood is a better indicator of our health conditions. The crystallized harmonic patterns created by blood and tree sap throughout the book are much like the patterns of sand formed on a Chladni Plate when subjected to certain harmonics.

Dr. Pfeiffer had to completely isolate his experiments from any kind of heat, vibration, and electromagnetic noise; he had to have the absolute cleanest clean room that could allow the subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFs) in the blood or tree sap sample to form the crystalline geometric patterns.

Dr. Pfeiffer’s experiments proved that blood can harmonically translate any health condition of the host into definite harmonic patterns. These patterns are universally true. For example, any two patients with the same health condition like diabetes or multiple sclerosis or a certain strain of flu will produce blood samples with the same crystalline patterns.

(If you can imagine, back in the 1930’s there was no such thing as a “clean room” as we have today. Even the clean rooms of today have a number of people stomping around and talking causing all manner of vibration, so back in the 1930’s this was a monumental undertaking.)

Bioenergetics: The Foundation and Structure of the Human Energy Field describes SOEFs as being able to create matter (electrons) from tachyon energy. That’s a new one on me even as new age concepts go. The purpose is “energizing of the SOEFs to create health and rejuvenation because subtle energy process enables us to reverse entropy…”

Personally, I would have preferred an explanation more along the lines of bioresonance. Since there are general patterns for disease, there must be general patterns for health and well being. In my humble opinion, those patterns should be based on the golden ratio, a universal constant that is the basis for life and creation. There are a number of bioresonant energy devices out there that provide harmonics based in the golden ratio including pulsed magnetic therapy; this is also the reason I use brainwave entrainment based in the golden ratio.

There is some truth to that because the 2nd law of thermodynamics doesn’t really apply to living beings. I prefer Tom Bearden’s version per his 5th chapter in Extraordinary Biology in his discussion of biophotons as they apply to thermodynamic equilibrium. As aforementioned, we are all frozen energy, but we still process pure energy at quantum levels; it’s unnecessary to go into an esoteric precursor like “tachyon energy” when bioresonant photon energy is the obvious precursor.

I don’t want to keep dissing Bioenergetics: The Foundation and Structure of the Human Energy Field because you might think it’s just a guide to hucksters and snake oil.

In fact, the researchers mentioned in this guide have built practical devices for not only measuring the bioenergy field, but for stimulating healthy tissues and killing disease. I’m going to tell you about them in a bit, but I want to tell you of my own experience with hucksters and snake oil.

The following is an excerpt from an article, “Shonky shamans taint aura of all ‘healers’.” This exposé provides examples of ignominious pitchmen turned “new age healers” to take advantage of people in poor health and judgement:

The complementary medicine industry is represented by more than 100 professional bodies, but as consumers increasingly shun pharmaceutical options for more ”natural” alternatives, many in the field say a more streamlined system is needed to prevent rogue operators damaging the reputations of legitimate practitioners…

What really has to happen is that consumers need to educate themselves on how alternative healing modalities work rather than take the word of “rogue operators” or pitchmen. Will consumers ever want to educate themselves on alternative healing modalities? That’s a good question.

We need to always ask important questions from these new age alternative healers. We need to have clear heads and open minds when doing this. We have to set aside our analytic overlay and preconceived notions to be truly objective about the answers we get in order to give it a chance.

For example, I attended a Reiki Introductory Class some years ago; it was being taught by a man and woman in their late 20’s or early 30’s. I couldn’t get any straight answers from them on exactly how Reiki works. When the pitchmen want to be secretive or throw a bunch of unintelligible gobbledygook our way, this is an indication of snake oil.

I also asked if there were any books or other references that would help to educate me on what Reiki is. This couple provided pamphlets and booklets specific to their class, but they would’nt provide any further references.

When Reiki practice session came, this couple did something very interesting. All the participants sat in a semi-circle in meditation as this couple went around to each participant and pressed their bodies against us. When the woman pressed her body against mine, it felt pretty good (yes, she was very pretty).

Then I opened my eyes for a moment to see what the guy was doing; he was pressing his body against a female. This was obviously a form of enticement to join the class; it wasn’t overtly sexual, but it made me wonder where this would go in the long run.

After the “meditation” exercise, we were all asked to describe our feelings. They obviously wanted to gauge the level of stimulation they induced while having us provide our credit card information for the next set of classes. This introductory class lasted for about two hours and that’s about all I wanted to do with Reiki. (I suppose that I could have gone back for that pretty woman, but she was a huckster and I’m not into that.)

Therefore, here are the signs of snake oil and hucksterism when encountering new age healers or pitchmen:

  • They are secretive about how their healing modality works or they provide obfuscated information.
  • They cannot provide reliable references on the subject of their healing modality.
  • They entice us in underhanded ways to “join” in their program under financial obligation.

Wow, that almost sounds like a cult. Which inspires me to talk about cults at HealingMindN Power Circle.

For now, please educate yourself. Understand the alternative healing modalities that are available. The real alternatives were developed by real medical and chiropractic doctors. Other alternatives like QiGong exercises with over 5000 years of literature to back it up are also viable.

Alternative healing and education go hand and hand. Please help yourself by exploring truly advanced technologies for health and well being. Here’s an example:

Royal Rife’s Accomplishments With Cancer Using Electronic Frequencies And His Breakthrough Microsope Have Generated Quite a Bit of Confusion.

What did he do? How can this help you retain good health? New information shakes some common misconceptions. Don’t believe all the hype – instead learn the facts – Click Here >> the latest Royal Rife Information from researchers who care about you.

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