Political vs. Scientific Perspective on Climate Change

At Bioenergetic Spectrum, we always try to follow good science. Good Science is true science; this means there are no analytic overlays, preconceived notions, or special interests involved. When we practice good science (as opposed to pop. science) we want to remain as objective as possible. Let’s play a game. We have never discussed climate […]

GULF ECO Expo and Conference set in January 2010

(MENAFN Press) Oman International Trade and Exhibitions (OITE), the country¬ís premier events management company, announces the staging of the fifth edition of the Gulf Eco Exhibition from 11th to 13th January 2010 to be held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. Gulf Eco is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Climate […]

Doctors Against Dangerous Vaccinations

The constitution guarantees the American people freedom of the press. This is supposed to be our ultimate watch dog over government and big corporations. However much to often the mainstream media is a willing or unwilling accomplice in what corporations and government want us to hear and believe. That is why it is so important […]

Recovery from Flu Shot after Naturopathic Treatments

Of the few times that I get to report happy news, I would like to reiterate the reports on Desiree Jennings, the former Washington Redskins Cheerleader who was diagnosed with Dystonia by Johns Hopkins and Fairfax Physicians due to the flu shot. After Dr. Rashid Buttar’s detoxification treatments, she is almost completely normal now. The […]