How does Qigong Practice Fight Cancer?

Extracts from Some studies show practising qigong helps to fight against cancer

Cancer survivor Qiu Jia Ming, 65, who suffered from pancreatic cancer years ago, said: “I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 50 years old and the doctor told me I only had three months to live. But I’ve survived 14 years now…”

“I’m 57 and have been practising qigong for 22 years. I was diagnosed with nasal malignant granulomatosis, a very rare cancer, and doctors said I only had six months to a year to live at the most.

“So when I was discharged from hospital, I didn’t go home. I went to join the Guolin Qigong Club. Doctors said it was a miracle that I survived beyond a year,” said Yin…

Even the head of the cancer rehabilitation club is convinced of the benefits of qigong against cancer. Yuan Zheng Ping was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma 28 years ago and after studying Guolin qigong in Beijing, he started the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club in 1989 to teach others like him.

“It’s not only a physical exercise, it is also a psychological practice of breathing using rhythmic exercises, thereby taking in a lot of oxygen. This is beneficial because it increases immunity and help fight the cancer.

“We did a survey in 1993 with 1,500 cancer patients and discovered that after five years of practising Goulin qigong, there was about 85 per cent recovery rate. In 2003, we did another comprehensive study and found that out of 7,000 cancer sufferers, more than 60 per cent of them survived for more than five years,” said Yuan…

Even doctors who specialise in Western medicine believe there are benefits to practising qigong. But they said there may be other causes that are helping cancer patients recover from their illnesses.

Gao Yong, a doctor at Shanghai East Hospital, said: “Qigong can help patients forget the pain of the disease. Also, the exercise is a team activity. Practitioners encourage and support each other. There is more confidence when they see others recover. I think this is the real benefit of qigong…

Yes, but how are people living beyond their predetermined “shelf life?”There must be a difference between simply taking in more air during QiGong and getting an oxygen respirator or else all cancer patients would simply get oxygen respirators to live beyond their “shelf life.”

Examining the “Mysterious” Qigong Practice

In fact, QiGong stimulates proper circulation of blood, lymph, and Qi (bioenergy) throughout the entire body through mindful exercise. The four specific types of Academic, Martial, Medical, and Religious QiGong each have a specific purpose within each of their subcategories, but they are all similar.

Medical QiGong is a highly specialized practice for either doctor or patient to re-establish proper circulation in the body for healing purposes. Like martial QiGong, medical QiGong consists of moving and still meditations.

Wai Dan Gung Qigong usually consists of moving meditation exercises wherein we coordinate our breath with body movements specifically designed to stimulate the energy meridians; this increases proper circulation to the extremities including the nails, hair, skin, teeth, and eyes, the five major outlets of Qi circulation which Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners observe in diagnosing health conditions.

Nei Dan Gung Qigong usually consists of still meditation exercises wherein we use the mind (Yi) to lead the bioenergy (Qi) along specific pathways in the body known as energy meridians. We all begin with “small circulation;” we use Yi to lead Qi along the extraordinary vessels known as governing (yang) and conception (ying) vessels.

The tip of the tongue gently touches the roof of the mouth to connect these yin and yang vessels during any type of QiGong practice. Each school has their personal style of still meditation, but they all maintain the same basic position which is covered in HealingMindN Meditation.

Some people get confused about the energy meridians and you may still be asking how Qigong practice fights cancer.

Quite Simply, the energy meridians are the energetic extensions of the organs in our bodies. For example, the heart meridian is an extension of the heart. When we stimulate energy flow through the meridian, we are stimulating in the heart. Therefore, arm movements such as swinging stimulate the heart.

When we do exercises that induce proper circulation through our meridians, we return our bodies to a proper homeostasis or normal level of physiologic functioning. Stagnation is the disease. Circulation is the cure.

When we have stagnation of blood, lymph, and Qi, our proper physiologic functioning destabilizes; our immune systems lose their effectiveness, and abnormal cells are produced.

You see, what mainstream medical science teaches us about cancer is only half way right. Chemotherapy and ionized radiation therapy kills cancer for sure, but they also kill the patient; these therapies fall within the same dark age protocol as blood-letting.

The swollen egos in mainstream medicine have disregarded pleomorphism, the ability of an organism to transmute from one form to another given the corroborating environment. (Please read about this subject in depth at Rife Ultra Microscope: Bacteria Chronicles.) All a compromised body needs is a virus, or mutated bacterium, to trigger a cascade of sickness.

To put it simply, a stagnant environment produces all sorts of mutations including cancer cells. Once circulation is reintroduced, the cancer cells are slowly but surely flushed away and replaced with healthy cells. Qigong Practice is one way to re-establish that circulation

Qigong Exercises must be done properly to achieve the desire effects, therefore, I highly recommend that you educate yourself and find a school near you that specializes in Qigong.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo
Cert. Oriental Sports Trainer

P.S. Breast Cancer Survivor Credits Holistic Practice

By Terry Morris, Staff Writer, Dayton Daily News

Updated 6:52 PM Thursday, October 22, 2009

…She improved her diet, changed positions at UD to reduce stress and even tried internet dating. She left UD in 2002.

Nothing clicked the way qigong did.

Lively is convinced that its power “is truly in the mind. You heal yourself. Qigong is about strengthening the mind and heart through focus of intention. You tell yourself to believe it. Our thoughts, minds, emotions and bodies are all energy systems,” she said….

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