Time Magazine on Sustainable Farming vs. Health Hazard Farming

A recent cover story in Time magazine says it’s time to shift our food production system to a smarter, greener model that protects our soil, air, and water and safeguards the health of consumers.

As the message becomes mainstream, it builds momentum for a transition away from outdated industrial agriculture methods toward modern organic and pasture-raised farming. The magazine paints a picture of a better system that Americans can support through their purchasing decisions, but which will also require policy changes to keep antibiotics working (such as the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act) and an overhaul of the flawed subsidy system that props up CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations). Read the article in Time: Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food.

You ever hear the saying, “I just want to eat the burger, I don’t want to meet the animal…” In the Time Article, you get to read about the animals and the waste products produced by unsustainable farming practices. If you’re a filthy person or if you’re into horror movies full of torture, then you will probably love the graphic descriptions of chronic filthiness. Some people love squalor (but they also belong in the crazy house).

Have you ever seen these horror films? The murder suspects always live in filth and love to torture living creatures in the same squalor? Those are the conditions of industrial farms. These same bioterrorists also try to redefine the meaning of “sustainable” and “organic.”

What? You say you have a brother like that? Well, you can always get help from your local EFT practitioner; they have great success with all kinds of personality disorders. Or you can call the police; they’re just three numbers away on the phone. Let them be the judge – unless they work for the terrorists.

As for health hazard, squalor farming, you can still do an end run around them by shopping at your local Farmer’s Market. Google “farmers market” + your zip code. Easy. If you’re into healthy, sustainable, organic farming, then please visit the article on how to make your own Mineralized Organic Superfoods.

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Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells

(NY Times excerpt, September 17, 2009)

..In measured amounts, that waste acts as fertilizer. But if the amounts are excessive, bacteria and chemicals can flow into the ground and contaminate residents’ tap water.

In Morrison, more than 100 wells were polluted by agricultural runoff within a few months, according to local officials. As parasites and bacteria seeped into drinking water, residents suffered from chronic diarrhea, stomach illnesses and severe ear infections.

“Sometimes it smells like a barn coming out of the faucet,” said Lisa Barnard, who lives a few towns over, and just 15 miles from the city of Green Bay.

Tests of her water showed it contained E. coli, coliform bacteria and other contaminants found in manure. Last year, her 5-year-old son developed ear infections that eventually required an operation. Her doctor told her they were most likely caused by bathing in polluted water, she said…

And regulations passed during the administration of President George W. Bush allow many of those farms to self-certify that they will not pollute, and thereby largely escape regulation…

..But Congress has not created many new rules on the topic and, as a result, officials say their powers remain limited…

Can someone please tell me if there is an article in the U.S. Constitution that prevents a physical clear and present danger to American Citizens? I can only find the “verbal” clear and present danger clause in the first amendment. Thanks in advance.

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