Bioenergetic Diagnostics in Alternative Healing is Personalized

Utah-based company BioMeridian provides several technologies for bioenergetic testing

BioMeridian™ is a Utah-based company that provides several technologies for bioenergetic testing. Specifically, BioMeridian develops Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) instruments, including software platforms and acupuncture-point reading devices, for health care practitioners. MSA tests measure energy levels at acupuncture points on the body, and the results of these readings help practitioners evaluate patient health. The goal is to bring areas of imbalance – or poor health – back into stability.

The technologies from BioMeridian are based, in part, on the work of a German doctor, Reinhold Voll, who in the early 1950s discovered how to locate the body’s acupuncture points electronically. Voll was able to show that electrical currents at these points were different from those at surrounding tissues, and further research revealed these electrical readings could be used to diagnose health conditions. An abnormal reading, for example, might indicate lung problems or allergic tendencies. In addition, Voll discovered that certain substances, such as bottles of medicine, produced electro-magnetic frequencies.

Voll’s discoveries contributed to future advancements in bioenergetic medicine, including Meridian Stress Assessment. As mentioned above, MSA systems evaluate energy levels at acupuncture points. The energy measured at these points is thought to flow through human electrical channels, commonly referred to as meridians. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that organs and organ systems are related to the flow of energy throughout the body. Therefore, the discovery of blockages or disturbances in this flow can help health care practitioners identify disorders and provide necessary therapies. An MSA system aids practitioners in suggesting nutritional, enzyme-based, herbal or homeopathic products to support patient health.

One popular bioenergetic testing product from BioMeridian is the MSAS®-Professional. The MSAS®-Professional, an MSA system as indicated by its name, uses an electronic probe to read the energy levels at acupuncture points on the body. This evaluation is read via graphic display on a computer screen and in a printed report. With this information, practitioners can help patients understand how the energy flow in their bodies might be affecting their health. The MSAS®-Professional also provides practitioners with a database of more than 40,000 natural products they can consider for their patients. In addition, practitioners can develop their own protocols and program those into the MSAS®-Professional.

Another bioenergetic testing device from BioMeridian™ is the Vantage™ instrument, which is optimized for BioRep,™ the company’s premier software program. Unlike MSAS®-Professional, the Vantage product does not require a computer. The Vantage, referred to as a bioelectrical impedance measurement (BIM) platform, provides health care practitioners with a quick, affordable way to assess patient health and nutritional needs. The manufacturer claims Vantage has proven itself in clinical trials to offer results in as few as 20 minutes. At no additional charge, BioMeridian includes admission to its Proficiency Training Seminar with the purchase of a Vantage device.

BioMeridian’s EPIC™ probe is integrated for use with the Vantage and MSAS®-Professional products. The EPIC provides accurate, reliable readings of energy flow at acupuncture points on the body. The probe, according to BioMeridian, takes little time to learn and controls for pressure-related variables. Practitioners are required only to place the EPIC’s Sure-Touch® tip on acupuncture points, and the EPIC carries out the measurement.

(SOURCE: BioMeridian International)

Here is a three part video series from featuring detailed patient/doctor/nurse interaction during a BioMeridian analysis for preventive health:

As you notice, a holistic bioenergetic session is vastly different from conventional medical treatment in that it’s geared towards personal lifestyle in a very detailed way; this is in direct contrast to conventional medicine that treats people like cars in a repair shop which insists on standardized repair for standardized problems. Here’s a summary:

Allopathic vs. Holistic Medicine
Allopathic (mainstream)* Holistic
Classifies people according to disease and provides standardized Treatments of only the obvious symptoms of that disease while ignoring the underlying cause.

Is mainly interested in standardized drug treatments of all people that can last from years to a life time.

Roots out the underlying cause of disease by identifying and diagnosing the particular weaknesses and stresses within an individual through detailed analysis.

Is mainly interested in lifestyle changes for individuals to keep them from getting ill, thus, preventing the need for long term drug treatment.

*Michael Jackson’s personal mainstream physician caused his relatively early demise because that physician was more interested in serving the drug companies and his medical religion rather than Michael Jackson’s overall health.

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