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Last weekend, I was watching a PBS special, an interview with Robert Kenner, director of Food, Inc., an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry. The big food industry has refined the science of corn in such a way that most prepackaged foods and a lot of disposable household items are made of corn.

Personally, I prefer the science of beer. With the science of beer, I know I’m gonna get beer, not a doughnut, or a cheesy puff, or a battery – only beer.

Even worse, it’s no ordinary corn. The food industry has the geneticists growing “Franken-Corn” in fields all over the world. “Franken-Corn” is designed with genetic information to become certain types of products. Many of those products are not meant to be eaten, yet they are planted next to crops that are supposed to be eaten. Can you smell the cross contamination? I’ll bet the honey bees can.

They can also smell the cross contamination from GMO Cotton, GMO Soybeans, and GMO Rapeseed (to make the first GMO oil: Canola).

Hoping to do more than just make meat-eaters feel guilty, angry or both – this film will explore the essence of a variety of different widely available foods, everything from vegetables and fruit to beef and bacon. The main focus of this film is not the food itself though – it is the corporate industry that controls the sourcing, processing, production and sale of food. Not only are animals being mistreated, abused and treated as slaves in the name of food production, but Humans are too.

Loosely based on Eric Schlosser’s non-fiction book Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, but different to the fictional feature film of the same name starring Greg Kinnear, “Food, Inc.” will hit screens on a limited release in June and will be available to buy on DVD shortly after (15 September 2009).

Robert Kenner may be more of an activist than an artist, but his purpose is to help raise awareness as well as teach people how to choose and support healthy foods to help protect the health of your family and loved ones.

Here is a short commercial with a listing for a limited engagement at a theatre (hopefully) near you:

Updated 3 September 2009
On Screen

Boulder, CO: International Film Series
Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Somerset, NJ: Media Arts Center/Rutgers Film Co-op
Geneva, NY: Smith Opera House
Carlisle, PA: Carlisle Theatre

Park City, UT: Park CityFilm Series

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