Pulse of Health Freedom: FDA Special Interests

On the heels of Howard Stern’s admission of drug abuse with fatal results upon Anna Nicole Smith and her teenage son, we have to examine the agency which is allowing prescription drug abuse on every American, not only celebrities. We also have to examine them for their attack on nutritional supplements and essential nutrients which have only been instrumental in helping people regain their health and as a prophylaxis against disease.

March 10, 2009

Government “Watchdog” Agency Urges More Oversight of Supplements by FDA

Last week, the Government Accountability Office released a report on dietary supplements. They called for the Food and Drug Administration to monitor supplements more closely and require increased adverse event reporting. The report has spawned discussion about possible new congressional legislation from supplement critics.

Supreme Court Allows Juries to Award Damages for Unsafe Drug Injuries

The Supreme Court struck a blow to the pharmaceutical industry recently when they ruled that litigants may sue for damages if they are harmed by unsafe drugs—even if the drug manufacturers have satisfied federal regulators. Justice Stevens, writing for the majority, said that allowing such lawsuits “provides incentives for drug manufacturers to disclose safety risks promptly.”

Harvard Medical School Finally Concerned About Drug Company Influence On Campus

Students at Harvard Medical School are spearheading a campaign to expose and curtail pharmaceutical industry influence in their classrooms and laboratories. They are concerned that the same money that helped build the school’s world-class status may in fact be hurting its reputation and affecting its teaching.

Vitamin C Cancer Use Attacked

A study that said vitamin C reduces the benefits of chemotherapy has come under fire. The study’s procedures were faulty, say critics, and vitamin C’s use should be encouraged during chemotherapy because it protects healthy cells from damage, promotes wound healing, increases tissue resistance to tumor spread, and may even help bring about tumor cell death.

Deborah Ray, M.T. (ASCP) – Editor

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American Association for Health Freedom Needs Your Support to End the FDA’s Censorship of Scientific Information

Did you know that the FDA currently outlaws any reference to a scientific study relating to the health effects of a food or food supplement by any seller of that food and food supplement? This censoring of science inhibits food and food supplement producers from informing the public about the real value of their products. It also inhibits consumers from making fully informed decisions about their health.

That is why AAHF has drafted the ‘Free Speech About Science Act’, to end the FDA’s censorship of scientific information. We need your help in securing a Congressional sponsor for this legislation, which is why we are asking you to sign a petition in support of the ‘Free Speech About Science Act’. Collecting these petitions will allow us to gain early support so that when we ask members of Congress to sponsor this legislation, we will be able to point to the number of their constituents who already support this Bill.

We are seeking early support for this legislation from the residents of California, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Utah. Constituents from these states are highly influential because their state either has a high number of fruit producers, a high number of food supplement companies, and/or their congressperson sits on a key committee.

If you would like to sign our Petition, please click on your state in the list above.

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