National Cancer Institute Research Costs (You) Too Much

Here’s a bit of fiscal news from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Their asking for billions of dollars to look for “a cure” for cancer from the government:

Budget Proposal Highlights Progress and Opportunities in Cancer Research

Dr. John E. Niederhuber

Last week NCI released The Nation’s Investment in Cancer Research, an annual report intended to directly inform the President about the progress and opportunities in our continuing efforts against cancer and to justify the administration’s budget request to Congress for an additional $2.1 billion to fund the Nation’s battle against cancer.

At a time of great economic challenge, the report, which is often referred to as the “bypass budget,” demonstrates how NCI’s deep commitment to outstanding science benefits all Americans. As the 2010 report shows, cancer is a model for studying the biology of all diseases. It can also inform our thinking about the delivery of health care, the development of electronic medical records, and a health care system based on the uniqueness of each individual that employs a new generation of targeted therapies.

The Nation’s Investment offers NCI’s professional judgment on strategic programs that could hasten our research progress against cancer while also bringing new therapies, earlier detection, and better methods of preventing cancer to all people.

There is much work to be done. The burden of cancer is rising around the world, and by the year 2010, cancer is expected to replace heart disease as the number-one killer. The Nation’s Investment aims to be realistic while also showing how additional investments could be used optimally in the future.

Cover art for The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research
For fiscal year (FY) 2010, NCI’s proposed budget to sustain our current level of activities is approximately $5.1 billion, while the proposal to accelerate progress is an additional $2.1 billion. By comparison, NCI’s FY 2008 budget was approximately $4.8 billion. Though we have operated with what has essentially been a flat budget for the last 5 years, we have actually experienced a significant budgetary decline due to biomedical inflation. When you account for this inflation over the last 10 years, our 2008 appropriation actually represented a purchasing power equivalent to $3.5 billion.

This lost purchasing power has had serious consequences for the cancer research community and, by extension, our patients who carry this burden. In particular, we are deeply concerned about how these changes will affect the next generation of scientists, who are critical for maintaining our nation’s position as a global leader in science, and whose important work is an integral part of our economy.

Were it to receive additional funding, NCI’s first job would be to help increase America’s research capacity by funding scientists, fostering the next generation of researchers, and supporting the development of technology and infrastructure. The report also details how NCI strives to put its science to work for patients, such as our expanding drug discovery platform

That was the magic phrase: “drug discovery platform.” did you see the previous article?  I’m pretty sure that “Vitamins Don’t Help” is nothing but propaganda being used by big pharma against essential nutrients.  You can tell who NCI is working with by that magic phrase:  “drug discovery platform.”

I’ve already mentioned, and I’m not the only one who’s saying this:  The technology exists RIGHT NOW to cure cancer; it’s an energy oriented, non-invasive cure.  Problem is mainstream medicine doesn’t want this cure; it’s not drug oriented.

Today’s medical research professionals base their research in greed.  You see, something like Rife Technology costs virtually nothing compared to prescription based drugs and other mainstream medical therapies.

The American Medical Association, the National Cancer Institute,  the Food and Drug Administration, and especially big pharmaceutical companies don’t make any money from cancer cures that don’t use drugs.  Their interests are based in greed.  The people running these “health” departments prefer that everyone get on drugs and stay on drugs for the rest of their lives.

In reality, they couldn’t care less about any cure.  They are simply interested in providing the illusion of health, so they can keep you hooked on their drugs.

Therefore, Dr. Rife, people who worked with him and others who researched and discovered successful energy oriented healing modalities are legally ostracized.  Prescribed drugs kill untold hundreds of 1000’s of people every year.  Energy oriented therapy has no death rate, has never hurt anyone, and has only helped people.

If you would like to learn more about curing chronic disease using unconventional medicine, please follow the link.  Fewer and fewer dealers are offering energy oriented therapies for chronic ailments.  We should take advantage before the FDA puppets for big pharma shut them down too:

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