Updates to Rife Plasma Technology Page

The Rife/Bare review by Dr. Bare has been revamped for an easier reading experience and updated with pertinent links to consumer market energy products for those who want to cure their chronic pains and ailments without the side effects of drugs. See how Rife Technology destroys those annoying bacteria that are messing with your health. […]

Quantum Basis of Bioenergetics Discovered in Plants

Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts? Quantum mechanics holds that any given particle has a chance of being in a whole range of locations and, in a sense, occupies all those places at once. Physicists describe quantum reality in an equation they call the wave function, which reflects all the potential ways a system can […]

Poison Alert on Working Environment: Dangers of Lead

Lead Triggers Cognitive Impairment in Later Life By Rick Nauert, Ph.D. Senior News Editor Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on January 13, 2009 Tuesday, Jan 13 (Psych Central) — A new study finds that the aging brain can suffer from cumulative lead exposure. Researchers have known for years that the developing brain is suspect […]

Hidden Bioenergetic Spectrum of Deep Space Aeroforms

In the book, “The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs,” Trevor James Constable provides solid proof of the hidden bioenergetic spectrum available to us. As living denizens of this planet, it’s difficult to deny the vast mysteries of all the different forms of life around this planet. Through his own pictureds […]