e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes January 2009 Contest

We are beginning the New Year with an essay contest for one pair of e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes, size 10.5, regular width, retail priced at $129.99!

The contest lasts until 31 January 2009 wherein the winner of this contest gets one free pair of e Spira Women’s White Walking Shoes. If you live within the contiguous continental United States and win this contest, this also includes free shipping.

Your essay will consist of your post of 500 words or less. You will answer two questions:

  1. What is your biggest challenge to getting fit and staying healthy?
  2. How is your life better when you’re fit and healthy?

There are all kinds of online word counters to help you make sure your entry is 500 words or less. Let me explain further how the judging will take place, but for now, here’s a little information about these e Spira Shoes:

Spira Classic Leather Walking Shoe Womens, white

The women’s Spira® Classic Leather Walking shoe boasts patented WaveSpring™ technology in both the heel and forefoot providing maximum cushioning and energy return ideal for serious or casual walkers or people who are on the feet all day. The full-grain leather upper offers comfort and durability and the high-abrasion carbon rubber outsole delivers durability and is wet/dry slip-resistant as well as stamped “SR Rated” for safety.

Named “best update of the year” by Runner’s World magazine, these shoes have shock-absorbing springs in the soles that relieve the stress and fatigue of running, walking, or standing better than any shoe available.

Tests performed at Michigan State University for Runner’s World discovered that the patented springs actually returned up to 96% of the energy from each step that would otherwise be lost to the ground. The downward force deflected and dispersed during each impact is then recycled to the wearer as propulsive energy, further reducing the strain on the feet, even for casual walkers or those who stand on their feet most of the workday.

Unlike the compressed foams and gels used for cushioning on other athletic shoes, these springs will never break down or degrade. The shoes have a full-grain leather upper, with a one-piece outsole of abrasion-resistant carbon rubber. Each shoe contains one spring in the heel and one in the forefoot.

Product Features


  • Patented WaveSpring™ technology in both the heel and forefoot provides maximum cushioning and energy return
  • Full-grain leather upper offers comfort and durability
  • 1-piece outsole is made of high-abrasion carbon rubber for durability and is wet/dry slip-resistant as well as stamped “SR Rated” for safety


The reason this contest is being held is that I want to spread the word that, although BioenergeticSpectrum.com is a very esoteric website, is that the end result is all about your health, healing, and fitness. Therefore it’s important that we understand the challenges you face and your opinion about health and fitness as it applies to your life.

The essays need to be in english. In fact, I’m a stickler for english and grammar. Show us how ambitious you are about health and fitness by being ambitious with your writing skills on the the subject. Only the people who are ambitious about this essay contest have the potential to win!

As the essays build up at this post, I’m going to be scanning them on a regular basis. I will pick the most original, heartfelt, creative posts at the end of January, then have a voting system in place where everyone can vote for the best post. The Winner gets a pair of shoes that will make her feel like she’s walking on a cloud.

If the winner lives outside of the contiguous, continental US, he/she will have to pay for shipping charges. Considering the retail price of these shoes, the cost is minimal.

You should register at Bioenergetic Spectrum Science Circle and keep track of the feed, so you can keep track of what’s happening at this blog concerning the contest and so I can contact you when you win! The rules of this contest are subject to change, but remember: The most creative, heartfelt, original essay on challenges and accomplishments WINS.

Best of Luck.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN


P.S. This Post needs to get at least 10 entries from 10 different people by the end of this month or the contest is null and void. Thank you for your understanding.


5.0 out of 5 stars Spira is perfect for Nurses!!, December 12, 2008

By A. Komer (spring hill, fl United States)


I love these shoes! perfect for being on your feet for 12+ hours. The inner springs helped me tremendously!


5.0 out of 5 stars Spira Classic, January 11, 2009

By H2O Jet (Charlotte, NC United States)

I have arthritis in my feet and this is the most comfortable of walking shoes.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great spring for walking and exercising, January 1, 2009

By L. Pletcher

I bought two pairs. One for my mother and one for myself. I actually can’t believe how good they feel. The spring coils actually work – I can walk and workout for longer periods of time without my feet hurting. I highly recommend.


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6 thoughts on “e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes January 2009 Contest

  1. My biggest challenge to getting fit it my inate laziness. I like to blame my Mom and Dad for giving me the lazy gene but I have a hard time convincing myself about this. The real problem is that I have so many things going on in my life I don’t much like to use my time on a incredibly boring activity like exercise. I guess some women enjoy running, pumping iron or whatever until they can hardly breath but I would rather blog on the internet and eat tomato sandwishes with Hellman’s mayo.
    I consider myself pretty fit for 73 except for my COPD and high blood pressure. I take medicine for those and keep my weight under control which is about all I can accomplish.

  2. I would like to know what makes exercise incredibly boring for you. How do you know if an exercise you are doing is good?

    Since you consider yourself pretty fit for 73, how would you describe the benefits of being fit as opposed to someone who is not fit at 73?

    Thanks in advance

  3. My very biggest challenge to getting fit and staying healthy is my work environment. Despite the fact that we work for a health insurance company, most of my co-workers are overweight and underfit. They are uninterested in eating healthfully and don’t get enough exercise. It’s quite sad, really. I’ve become known as the health nut around my office and they tease me for my attempts at being healthy. For instance, I don’t take the trolley from the parking lot to the building, I walk the half mile instead and breathe in the fresh air. I bring my homemade lunch to eat every day and snack on fruit instead of junk. I go to the gym three times a week.
    My coworkers don’t make things easy for me to stay healthy. For breakfast meetings, we have doughnuts and pastries. For snacks, people bring packages of cookies and cake, chocolate candy and potato chips. It’s a constant struggle to say NO to the junk all the time. I feel silly when I’m the only one who wants to take the stairs to the meeting instead of the elevator.
    I’ll also be blunt here: I don’t want to look like some of the people at work. I don’t want to be uncomfortably overweight and unhealthy. I don’t want my feet to hurt just because I’m overweight. I don’t want to have breathing problems or heart disease or any of the weight-related issues – that’s why I work out and take care of myself.
    I feel so much better when I’m working out regularly, when I’m drinking enough water, when I’m doing yoga and working up a sweat from time to time! I have suffered depression and anxiety for most of my life and this stuff is so much better than any self-help book, talk show, or pile of medication. I like to walk outside when the weather is nice because it makes me feel connected to the Earth, but I will work out in a gym if I must.
    It looks like there isn’t going to be a contest here since there are less than 10 entries, but I’m glad I found this anyway. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one around talking about getting healthy!

  4. My biggest challenge to getting fit and staying healthy is time. I work full time as a RN. I am on my feet constantly. I go in extremely early in the morning so that I can get off in time to pick my children up after school. I leave the school and take my children to soccer practice or guitar practice depending on the day. I schedule pediatrician, dentist, allergist, dermatologist, and orthodonist appointments on a day when there are no practices. I am constantly running but doing nothing for myself to get fit. I want to try to work in the time this year to get myself in the best shape that I have been in for years. I have lost 35 pounds over the past 1 1/2 years and now is the time to finish getting myself into shape.
    When I am fit and healthy, I have more energy which allows me to be a better mother. I just feel better. I look better in my clothes which is a very nice thing. I decrease my risks for diabetes and hypertension which increases my life expectancy and the quality of my life. To be fit and healthy is just a win-win situation all the way around.

  5. my biggest challenge to getting fit and healthy is money. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to join a gym like some of my friends at churchThey go together which makes it a social thing . I do try to walk alot. I try to keep up a good pace when I am walking so that it will make my heart healthy. I don’t like to exercise by myself but I make myself. Some days it is easier than others. I try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
    When I am fit and healthy I feel better. I have more energy. When I go to the doctor my cholesterol is good and my blood pressure is good. I think that I do pretty good but there is always room for improvement.

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