video: Regeneration of Cells, Regenerative Medicine

This video begins with an example of a hobby shop salesman completely growing back the tip of his finger in four weeks:

Dr. Steven Battlick of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for regenerative medicine says that extra cellular matrix hold some of the secrets of regenerative medicine.Dr. Battlick is one of many scientists who believe that every cell in the body is capable of regeneration. All scientists have to do is find enough of those cells an direct them to grow. “[Cellular matrix] tells them where to go, how they need to differentiate into blood vessels, muscle cells, nerve cells, whatever…”Lake Forest University is a “medical factory” where Dr. Anthony Atella is growing body parts. Atella and his team have been growing eighteen types of tissues including muscle tissue, whole organs, and a pulsing heart valve. “We grow tissues and organs… We’re making body parts that we can implant right back into patients…”(Jump to segment where they’re printing out a heart from an HP inkjet printer using heart tissue, so they can grow it into an actual heart. Can you imagine plastic surgeons in 20 years printing out a new face for his patients and new… oy.)

Atella’s work with human bladder cells has pushed regenerative medicine to a transformational breakthrough. In a clinical trial at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Dr. Patrick Shenough performed a bladder transplant with an organ built from the patient’s own cells.

Today, one of the biggest believers in regenerative medicine is the U.S. Military. The army is working in conjunction with Pittsburgh U. to use cellular matrix on the amputated fingers of soldiers home from the war. “The military has invested tens of millions of dollars in regenerative medicine hoping to regrow new limbs, lost muscle, and burned skin…”

A machine in Germany sprays a patient’s own cells onto a burn signaling the skin, not to form a scar, but to regrow.

A patient gets her own stem cells injected into her heart. The hope is to grow new arteries. A patient who can regrow a blocked artery may never need surgery.

Commercial capitol has been pouring in from Corporate America to mass produce custom made body parts. “Building a very real business around a very real and compelling patient need…”

Dr. Steven Nichtberger of Tengion Corporation has bought the license and his build the factories to grow the bladders developed at Wake Forest U. “I look at the patients who are on the wait list for a transplant. I look at the opportunity to build bladders, to build vessels, to build kidneys. In regenerative medicine, I think it is similar to the semiconductor industry of the 1980’s. You don’t know where it’s gonna go, but you know it’s big.”

Can you say “Sixth Day?” I knew you could.

“I want to print out another cat, mommy.”

“What happened to the last cat you printed out, sweetie.”

“Jimmy scared him away.”

“Oh dear, we better print you out a nicer brother.”

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Doctor Cleared of Harming Man to Obtain OrgansBy JESSE McKINLEYPublished: December 18, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO — A California transplant surgeon was acquitted on Thursday of a charge that he had intentionally harmed a donor to speed extraction of the patient’s kidney and liver. The verdict closed a case that had drawn widespread attention to the medical, and ethical, complexities of organ transplantation.

The surgeon, Dr. Hootan C. Roozrokh, was found not guilty of a single felony charge of abuse of a dependent adult, after two other felony charges — administering harmful substances and unlawful prescription — were dropped last spring. Prosecutors had argued that Dr. Roozrokh, 35, prescribed excessive amount of drugs during a failed harvesting procedure on a brain-damaged donor, Ruben Navarro, in San Luis Obispo, in February 2006.

The doctor’s lawyer, M. Gerald Schwartzbach, had said that Dr. Roozrokh, a surgeon based in San Francisco who had flown in to retrieve the organs, had been trying to ease the patient’s suffering after other doctors failed to perform their duties. (So, were the other doctors brain dead too? Why don’t you harvest their organs?)
“Dr. Roozrokh was put in an untenable situation where he could have walked out,” Mr. Schwartzbach said, “but had he walked out, there was no one there to care for Ruben.” (Did the entire hospital staff leave? Do they just ignore their brain dead patients and let them rot away?)
Dr. Roozrokh is believed to be the first doctor accused of such actions. The verdict came after a two-month trial and two days of jury deliberation. The San Luis Obispo deputy district attorney who tried the case, Karen Gray, did not return a call for comment.

Dr. Roozrokh, an Iranian émigré and naturalized American, had been trying a lesser-used technique known as donation after cardiac death, which involves removing a patient from life support before extracting organs.

Most donations involve brain-dead patients, but a growing demand for organs has led to an increase in such cardiac procedures, which require speedy retrieval after a patient’s heart stops. (So, this heartless doctor wanted to speed up the cardiac arrest with extra drugs?!)

But Mr. Navarro, 25, who had been brain-damaged and disabled by a neurological disorder, did not die immediately after his ventilator was removed, succumbing eight hours later.

The Associated Press said the jury issued a statement with its verdict saying the case illustrated a “desperate need” for clear policy on cardiac death donations.

Among transplant groups, the verdict on Thursday was greeted with a mix of relief and concerns about the impact of the case on potential donors.

“I think we must acknowledge the sensitivities of the events on the ground,” said Dr. Goran B. Klintmalm, a former president of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, “and extend our sympathies for the surgeon.”

Mr. Schwartzbach said, “Nobody can give him back the three years he’s lost, both personally and professionally.”

(What you’re saying is that the transplant doctor gave Navarro extra drugs to induce cardiac arrest, unplugged him from life support, let him die over the course of eight hours, but failed to harvest the organs anyway? What you’re saying is that mainstream medicine is a complete failure, so it doesn’t matter what the transplant doctor lost, personally or professionally.)

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