e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes January 2009 Contest

We are beginning the New Year with an essay contest for one pair of e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes, size 10.5, regular width, retail priced at $129.99! The contest lasts until 31 January 2009 wherein the winner of this contest gets one free pair of e Spira Women’s White Walking Shoes. If you live within […]

video: Regeneration of Cells, Regenerative Medicine

This video begins with an example of a hobby shop salesman completely growing back the tip of his finger in four weeks: Dr. Steven Battlick of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for regenerative medicine says that extra cellular matrix hold some of the secrets of regenerative medicine.Dr. Battlick is one of many scientists who […]

Important Energy Nutrient: Co Enzyme Q10

The following extract is from one of the best research papers I’ve seen on the bioenergetics of Co Q10. Not enough mainstream doctors are realising the benefits of Co Q10 (or any other essential nutrient for that matter) because they are mainly educated by the drug companies. Please have a look at Co enzyme Q10 […]