DARPA research in paranormal bioenergetics (psychotronics)

Oct 29, 2008 01:55 PM

U.S. and Soviet spooks studied paranormal powers to find a Cold War advantage

(extracts from Scientific America)

Working with Washington, D.C., think tank RAND Corporation, DARPA determined that paranormal research by the Soviets focused on physical science, engineering and quantifiable results, whereas their U.S. counterparts tended to be psychologists looking instead to explore the human mind. The bottom line, according to a 1973 DARPA-commissioned study entitled “Paranormal Phenomena”: “the U.S. has failed to significantly advance our understanding of paranormal phenomena.”

As Halloween approaches, the report serves as a reminder of our fascination with paranormal forces (for more on this, visit Sciam.com’s “Science of the Occult” in-depth report). The authors were worried that the Soviets might win the race to use the supernatural to its advantage much as they had threatened to win the space race decades earlier when they launched Sputnik. “If paranormal phenomena exist,” RAND analysts P. T. Van Dyke and Mario L. Juncosa concluded, “the thrust of Soviet research appears more likely to lead to explanation, control and application than [does] U.S. research…”

Soviet research on telepathy dates from the early 1920s when a program was established at the Institute for Brain Research at Leningrad State University. The Soviets appear to have been fascinated with telepathy, which they called “biological communication,” as a ship-to-shore way of communicating with submarines without using electronic equipment. They also considered training their cosmonauts to develop and use precognitive abilities to “foresee and to avoid accidents in space…”

The Soviets were more inclined than American scientists to believe that paranormal phenomena might be the result of “bioenergetics,” or the energy given off by the metabolic processes of living things. This theory stated that people exuded “bioplasma,” (a theoretical energy field) that, under certain conditions, was capable of emitting charged coherent radiation beyond the body surface in the form of electrons and possibly protons.

Although the Soviets did not reach a consensus on the existence of bioplasma, RAND concluded, “the very pursuit of this theory indicates that Soviet parapsychologists were attempting to explain alleged paranormal phenomena with a greater degree of specificity than their Western counterparts.”

I would like to make special mention of the diagram located at Scientific America. As you see, all of the studies branch from psychoenergetics concerning Soviet activity.

Even the writer for this article doesn’t quite understand the importance of distinguishing between bioenergetics and psychoenergetics, obviously because he has no training in either area.

The following is the definition of both as described by a reknowned expert in these subject matters, Col. Tom Bearden:

Russian energetics is largely still a “secret” science, developed over the last five decades and highly weaponized. In the Russian scheme the overall area is called energetics. It consists of three subsets:

  1. energetics, which applies to nonliving systems,
  2. bioenergetics, which applies to the physical bodies, cells, chemistry, genetics, etc. of living organisms, and
  3. psychoenergetics, which applies directly to the minds, personalities, memories, emotions, and perceptions of living systems. Russian energetics research, development, weapons, and weapon sites are under the rigid control and operation of the KGB, by whatever name it may use from time to time. The energetics weapons are not in the regular Russian armed forces. Energetics weapons have been tested worldwide for several decades, and this testing has been documented elsewhere by the present author…

Bioenergetics is ubiquitous in that it applies to all living energy in nature. That living energy is a perfect carrier for information as in mitogenic radiation or biophotons between cellular tissues. Biophotons not only carry genetic information; they also carry mind patterns.

If you recall the discussion on collective DNA consciousness, the quantum microtubule networks are center to human paranormal phenomena.

During states of higher consciousness, we experience coherence within our microtubule networks which makes for all sorts of quantum dynamic phenomena expressing themselves as telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, remote viewing and beyond on the conscious level.

On the purely quantum level where there is no human consciousness involved, we have the more simplistic phenomena of quantum entanglement and “spooky action” at a distance.

Western scientists have trouble with the simple fact that quantum dynamic principles also apply to life as well as inert matter. When we apply those principles to sentient beings, we get paranormal phenomena; it’s that simple. The other problem are those western scientists who disregard 1000’s of years of ancient research in mental disciplines like qigong and transcendental meditation that precipitate these paranormal phenomena.

When a mind pattern rides on a bioenergetic carrier, that carrier is psychoenergetic. This means the carrier is intention based according to individual psyche rather than biological information.

Now, we are getting into those areas that belong to HealingMindN Power Circle, but we really need to distinguish between bioenergetics and psychoenergetics to really understand them.

There are those of you who say that paranormal phenomena are matters of spirituality. I have to agree with you, but how are you defining spirituality? I can’t only be your belief system. Your spirituality has to be all encompassing.

Physical reality was precipitated from spiritual reality. Our physical reality is constantly precipitated from spiritual reality. Think of the Elliot Wave Principle which operates on the principle that social mood precipitates stock market prices.

There are several bridges to spiritual reality which operate according to ancient medical systems: Two systems are our energy meridians and our chakra system. These were created through the higher gauge symmetry of the etheric and astral planes, respectively. The etheric and astral planes are more esoteric areas of study considered “pish posh” by western scientists. This is yet another reason why they will never understand psychic phenomena.

The etheric and astral planes are not much different from the gravitational field of the earth – or a natural magnetic field. The etheric and astral planes consist of ordered lines of force. These ordered lines are a form of higher gauge symmetry that precipitate on the physical plane as a form of interferometry between energy fields.

Think about how tornadoes and hurricanes are formed. These are only a few examples of variable transitional transvection of energy fields manifesting on a physical level that we notice on a conscious level (obviously because it’s so devastating).

There are also all kinds of ordered energy fields that we notice on a subconscious and superconsious level that have not yet precipitated on the physical plane. We are always in tune with these energy fields. Our brainwaves resonate bioenergetically with the earth through the Schumann frequencies as discussed at the article on Binaural Harmonics; this is only one example.

In remote viewing, a famous term for this higher gauge symmetry is “the matrix.” If western scientists do not bother investigating this matrix, they will never understand paranormal phenomena. The matrix is where all of the information of the universe is stored.

I’m not saying that “the matrix” is spiritual reality, but it is a bridge that helps us to be closer to it. If you are not accessing the matrix, you can say that psychic phenomena is a spiritual matter all you want, but this doesn’t buy you the discipline that goes into actually being spiritual.

Accessing the matrix is all about the way you are disciplined, the way you live. Mental discipline in the ancient arts of meditation helps us access “the matrix.” From what I’ve experienced, most western PhD’s in neuroscience completely understand this, but they are working in a very tight paradigm, but they are working in a very closed-minded paradigm that doesn’t allow all of the latitude they desire for exploration, so they’re stuck simply working with “the brain as the mind” model.

If you would like to go forward in your life with your own exploration, there are programs like Gerald O’Donnell’s ARVARI School, Maj. Ed Dames Learn Remote Viewing 4-DVD Course and a host of others.

Connect to the Universal Mind

You may say that you need no such training in psychic discipline. You have to ask yourself: “Am I living according to cultural or spiritual paradigms?”

When we get emotionally or physically ill, this means we lack the proper energetic circulation denoted to us through higher gauge symmetry. If you’re the sort who turns to drugs to alleviate your pains and illness, then you’re no where near being spiritual. Drugs are an integral part of decadent culture.

If you have to turn to drugs like alcohol or mary jane to alleviate your stress and relax, then you’re part of decadent culture.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” This applies physically and spiritually. We can talk about paranormal phenomena until we’re blue in the face. In order to truly experience psychic powers for yourself, you had better practice some real spirituality. Sunday church is only an hour. The rest is your life. Learn to control it.

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