UK Gov’t Studies in ESP and Paranormal

What grabbed me most about the following article is it’s publishing in mainstream press. I imagine in the UK that lips are not so tight, minds are not so closed, and the subject of paranormal phenomena is not so fictionalized as it is the US. Here are a few exerpts from the article at the Daily Record:

Revealed: How the Government studied the paranormal for use in war on terror

Oct 6 2008 By Annie Brown

SECRET documents have revealed the MoD have been studying the paranormal and other unexplained scientific phenomenon for use in the war against terror.

The newly released files show that just after 9/11, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) conducted a research project into psychics – with the possibility they could be used to locate terrorist cells…

“When Star Trek came out and they had their communicators, that was a cool dream. Now, in our pockets, we all have communicators. We read a week ago that invisibility is coming. There’s stuff you wouldn’t think in a million years is possible, and it’s happening every day.”

That’s also the official approach according to Nick Pope, who once ran the MoD’s UFO project.

He said: “Everything that you think is Sci-Fi, someone in government or in the private sector is trying to get it to work.”

In the Nineties, he worked for the MoD in a department blandly named Secretariat (Air Staff), looking at strange phenomena including UFOs, crop circles and even ghost sightings on military bases.

The research continues today.

Nick said: “As with all these fringe sciences, the reason we are doing this isn’t necessarily that the MoD corporately believe in things such as anti-gravity, mind control and telepathy.

“But it is a classic example of what we call low probability, high consequence – which is basically saying it is a long shot, but if we can get just one of these fringe science things to work, the military applications would just be phenomenal…”

As I understand, Canada is also very accomodating as far as freedom of information concerning these fringe phenomena. On the other hand, try hitting up the US Govt for fringe info. You’re getting a document at least 50% blacked out, guaranteed.

What does that say about the US Govt? Your comments are appreciated. Meanwhile, please have a look at these methods of remote viewing and remote influencing by Gerald O’Donnell who assisted with the remote viewing programs with intelligence operations in Europe:

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

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