Video: Planter Box Construction for Mineralized Organic Superfoods

I finally got around to editing all the footage I took of my construction of this planter box during summer 2008. Yes, my plate is full, but I’m proud to present this video which includes measurements, instructions, and links to materials on the web, so you can put together your own organic superfood planter:

Besides the soil media, the main raw materials going into the box are one 8′ x 4′ x 1/2″ plywood board, 2″ x 2″ redwood stock, all weather water proof wood glue, screws, waxed butcher paper, a bit of copper flashing to direct the effluent, and your sweat.

As you see, I’ve done something a bit unusual with this video. Amazon is serving it, so you see links to tools and materials available through Amazon. I believe it’s important for us to know that we can depend on Amazon for those mineralized soil constituents like Azomite, Soft Rock Phosphate, and Norwegian Kelp.

Not all of us have access to organic nurseries where these items are available. Amazon provides us convenient access to these important products – especially for this project where you can grow your own mineralized organic superfoods.

Did you see all the lush vegetation at the beginning and end of the video? Well, it was delicious. You don’t have to add much seasoning to your vegetables when you grow them in this planter box because they’re already full flavoured from the soil. Immediately, you can tell the difference in the flavour, colour, texture, aroma.

Once you try your own mineralized organic superfoods, you will definitely hesitate to go back to plain, bland vegetables from the supermarket.

If you want to see the written instructions for putting your own box together, please visit Mineralized Organic Superfoods at Nutrition Spectrum.

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