Genetic Defects and Project HAARP

If I remember, I picked up this information in an appendix of the Montauk Project. I made a spin on this appendix and I’ve gathered some evidence as to the actual scientific workings of HAARP through similar experiments.

Please have a look at Genetic Defects and Project HAARP. This paper has been on the web for years now, but I’ve neglected it until now. It seems that there are people who still believe that 3.6 megawatts is not enough power to do any kind of damage – at least not permanently. These same people fail to understand the concepts of resonance, translation, and step up functions.

HAARP under aurora

Besides the provided example of the bioenergetic effects of a pulse wave mytron, let’s look at some technology that utilises these same concepts wherein they all use the same non-linear function for translation, namely an excited gas at plasma state.

I’ve been arguing with myself on exactly how to present these three examples. I believe the best way to demonstrate the reality of Genetic Defects and Project HAARP to you is to show you how the same technology in HAARP is duplicated in similar technologies; then you should understand how HAARP can represent a real threat in the wrong hands. First, let’s consider a bioenergetic healing technology that I believe is closest to the operation of HAARP:

The Prioré Machine

Col. Tom Bearden provides the best explanation of the Prioré Machine. U.S. Patent 3368155 refers to Antoine Prioré’s first machine which uses an argon noble gas tube. Prioré’s second machine of which Col. Bearden explains utilises a mercury and neon plasma.

I encourage you to read this article at Col Bearden’s site. You will quickly recognise that the mercury/neon plasma serves as a step up function for the 9.4 GHz EM Wave. Where the article states: “the 9.4 gigahertz wave is joined in the “lamp” by seventeen radiations of unspecified frequency and nature…” This is where the step up function occurs wherein, “He is directly stimulating and engineering the hyperspace nested virtual bands with his device…” and “The Prioré machine uses seventeen higher-order modulations, which are quite sufficient to cover all eleven life channels required, with an additional six being available for tuning so as to squelch or “jam” the life-consciousness loops of those cells with tuning abnormalities, that is, of diseased or cancerous cells…”

The Prioré machine utilises that non-linear function of the gas plasma to translate a transverse wave function to seventeen higher order modulations; the only way to do that is through translation of the virtual state of the non-linear function to scalar functions.

Rife Plasma Ray

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife also utilised this same ability of an an excited plasma state of a noble gas to serve as a non-linear step up function for specific frequencies of EM waves.

Like the Prioré machine, Rife’s plasma ray utilised functions modulated upon a square wave pulse to actuate bioenergetic stimulation of healing, but the main idea was to create higher order modulations through the scalar functions created by the plasma ray, which serves as a step up function.

Once again, this concept completely relates to HAARP which utilises ionised nitrogen in the atmosphere as the non-linear, step up function. In general, the Rife Plasma Ray uses argon tubes which has far less mass in the atmosphere, but is nonetheless a constituent that can be stimulated through rhythmic oscillations of these higher order functions. The scalar functions generated through translation of the plasma are key to it’s it efficacy.

Non Linear Step up function induces superluminal velocities:

Laser smashes light-speed record

Finally we have an example with which everyone should be familiar: The year that light “traveled faster than light speed.” Please click the link to read this article. You will notice that the set up is similar to the Prioré Machine, wherein a cesium plasma injected with a magnetic field serves as the non-linear step up function for the laser pulse.

Notice where the article says: “This state exhibits strong amplification or gain at two wavelengths, and highly anomalous dispersion – that is, the refractive index changes rapidly with wavelength – in the region between these two peaks…” This is the equivalent of higher order modulation, the same concept in the Prioré Machine. The non-linear translation function utilises the same magnetohydrodynamic setup encompassing a gas plasma.

Since the input and output pulses are the same, it’s possible that the translation to higher order modulations through the nonlinear function of cesium plasma serves as a carrier function for the group speed of the pulse, which would leave it intact. Of course I’m only theorising at this point, but it’s the most logical conclusion.

Scalar carriers are the result of translation of the EM pulse through the non-linear functions of the gas plasma. The scalar carriers serve as non-local carrier functions for the EM pulse, therefore, the laser pulse is actually manifested on the non-local function of the scalar carrier.

The laser pulse did not go “superluminal;” it was actually manifested on a scalar wave carrier while the pulse remained within the limits of light speed.

The main point is that gas plasma is regularly used as a non-linear step up function in cases where we want translation or higher order modulations; these modulations are scalar wave carriers which deliver functions any where on this planet as a non-local function. Whether the perveyors of HAARP are taking advantage of these non-local functions is anyone’s guess. Col. Tom Bearden indicates in his book, “Excalibur Briefing,” who is ahead in the game of scalar wave weaponry.

I’m not saying that HAARP is some sort of weapon. The evidence seems to indicate that it IS causing health problems exactly because of the way it operates. All the numbers jive at Genetic Defects and Project HAARP in terms of creating a nitrogen particle beam with HAARP. In bioenergetic terms, these frequencies generated through the non-linear, non-local functions of HAARP are consistent with the ability to affect DNA structure.

For what exact intention or purpose is still unknown; due to it’s nature, it’s logical to assume that HAARP is more of an experiment in bioenergetics rather than geophysics. In my opinion, this is a juggernaut, pork barrel experiment that’s gone on long enough. The resources that have gone into this project would be better serving the American People.

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