Colony Collapse Disorder Honey Bee Research

I’ve done a little research on the problem with colony collapse disorder. There may be a connection between chemtrails and the failing health of bees. First please examine the data from per a recent air quality test of chemtrails: Chemtrails – Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Test Results (extract) By Ted Twietmeyer 6-14-8..Fig 1 ­ […]

14th International Conference of SCENAR Therapists

14th International Conference of SCENAR-Therapists In remembrance of Yuri Gorfinkel Odessa, Ukraine September 3 – 9, 2008 RITM OKB ZAO (Taganrog), A.Revenko SCENAR-Academy (Moscow), SCENAR-Ukraine OLMC (Odessa), SCENAR-center – Bulgaria We have the honour to invite colleages, doctors, researchers and scientists, folk practitioners and alternative medicine specialists, experts and all those who are interested in […]

Congress on Bioenergetics in Cuba

In Holguín, Cuba the 6th International Congress on Natural and Traditional Medicine and Bioenergetics The Juan Tomas Roig Traditional and Natural Medicine Hospital in Holguin, will host courses and workshops for the 6th International Congress on Natural and Traditional Medicine and Bioenergetics, scheduled for July 9 to 12 in the eastern Cuban city of Holguin. […]

Bioenergetic Culinary Arts of Intelligence and Beauty

Molecular Gastronomy: Something’s Cooking Elisabeth Pain Portugal 2 November 2007 Never had a test tube looked as colourful and appetising as the one Catarina Prista, Joana Moura, and their team presented at the 2007 Rencontres Sciences, Art & Cuisine in Paris, an international molecular gastronomy contest promoted by Hervé This, one of the pioneers of […]