Infrared video: Orb UFO

This is an addendum to the post on the Hidden Bioenergetic Spectrum. Here is another example of the magnificent energy fields that can be captured outside of the visible spectrum using a digital camera with infrared filter:

UFO Orb filmed with High Resolution Camera
You have to keep in mind that this is just an orb with no compelling reason to hide itself in the infrared spectrum like a full-fledged space craft. Notice the concentric layers of energy fields around the orb. This may indicate it as a kind of charged singularity or vacuum domain in space such as in Schappeller’s glowing magnetism. Some people call it ball lightning, but ball lightning usually lasts only a few seconds at most. There’s more information on orbs at this article on Ball lightning, Orbs, and Vacuum Domains.

You can also capture amazing footage like this by retrofitting your digital camera with an infrared and/or ultraviolet filter. Try Life Pixel Infrared Conversion Services to discover your own hidden secrets in the sky.



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