Kirlian Photography captures bioenergetic information

Extract from Col. Tom Bearden’s “Bioenergy Collectors:”

Spark discharges, such as are used in Kirlian photography, are extremely good collectors of bioenergy. In Kirlian photography the film records ordinary photon interactions; however, the spark discharge from the finger is collecting and kindling bioenergy (in the form of mitogenic radiation) into ordinary electrical energy (specifically, into electromagnetic field, which then affects the electrical flux pattern).

Also, bioenergy is being collected and kindled into ordinary photons, thus changing the photon pattern being emitted. Furthermore, those photons being emitted are internally affected by the bioenergy that has not yet kindled to observable state electromagnetic energy, but is still virtual.

Each photon carries the virtual state along in the little piece of time contained in the photon, and partially collected bioenergy which has not yet breached the threshold of observable photons is being carried in each emitted photon (also implies quantum entanglement between virtual and observable state photons which is actually controlled by thought patterns).

These patterns are transferred to the grain atoms by photon absorption when the piece of time of the photon is momentarily added to the mass of the absorbing atom, and in turn are continually spread through the emulsion material atoms by the virtual photon fluxes of the charges, in both the nucleus and the orbital electrons of the atoms.

So the life pattern of a photographed object is captured on ordinary film – and indeed that pattern can be resonated through hyperspace with the object that was photographed, regardless of where the object is in the universe (in the sense that a radionic resonance utilises full-spectrum photon emission patterns as a duplicate life pattern or “witness.” This can also be accomplished with a digital camera converted for full spectrum photography as (UV-IR) observable state photons from the living aura interact with high energy photons from the sun.)

Note that there are many mechanisms inside stars and planets for the collection of bioenergy. We live in a vital, pulsing, living, breathing, bioenergetic cosmos, and life is everywhere… (continues)

Kirlian Imaging Device

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Kirlian Imaging Device

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