Preventive Medicine: Coenzyme Q10

Clinical Uses of Coenzyme Q10 as a Supplement by Dr.Vishaal Bhat Extract: Aimed at improving cellular bioenergetics, counteracting oxidative stress and slowing down some age-related pathologies Cardiovascular disease & CoQ10 (1) Cardiac surgery – past clinical trials suggested improved postop cardiac function and reduced structural damage, recent RCT failed to demonstrate a difference in clinical […]

Kirlian Photography captures bioenergetic information

Extract from Col. Tom Bearden’s “Bioenergy Collectors:” Spark discharges, such as are used in Kirlian photography, are extremely good collectors of bioenergy. In Kirlian photography the film records ordinary photon interactions; however, the spark discharge from the finger is collecting and kindling bioenergy (in the form of mitogenic radiation) into ordinary electrical energy (specifically, into […]