Preventive Medicine: Coenzyme Q10

Clinical Uses of Coenzyme Q10 as a Supplement by Dr.Vishaal Bhat Extract: Aimed at improving cellular bioenergetics, counteracting oxidative stress and slowing down some age-related pathologies Cardiovascular disease & CoQ10 (1) Cardiac surgery – past clinical trials suggested improved postop cardiac function and reduced structural damage, recent RCT failed to demonstrate a difference in clinical […]

Preventive Medicine: Vitamin D = Sunshine

According to new research from scientists in Toronto, women with vitamin D deficiency had nearly double the risk of cancer spreading and were 73 percent more likely to die within 10 years. These findings, announced by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, add to a growing body of evidence that vitamin D may play a […]

Trouble Maker: GMO seeds cannot be removed

Scientists in Sweden found genetically engineered canola plants springing up in a test field 10 years after engineered seeds were originally planted—despite efforts over time to clear the field of transgenic plants. The canola plants were engineered to tolerate the herbicide glufosinate. In the years following the canola planting, the field was plowed and used […]

Kirlian Photography captures bioenergetic information

Extract from Col. Tom Bearden’s “Bioenergy Collectors:” Spark discharges, such as are used in Kirlian photography, are extremely good collectors of bioenergy. In Kirlian photography the film records ordinary photon interactions; however, the spark discharge from the finger is collecting and kindling bioenergy (in the form of mitogenic radiation) into ordinary electrical energy (specifically, into […]