Poison Updates on Vaccine Policies

In case you have not been keeping track, there have been regular updates at the page, U.S. Policy for Vaccines & Drugs Broadly Eliminates Liability; it seems no matter how many flare ups of child autism there have been lately in the U.S., that the CDC officials are just not willing to make a scientific connection to the toxin laced vaccines which may have caused this condition.

We would not have the headlines on this sad state of affairs if the child of one famous couple did not suffer the same fate from toxic vaccines. (Fortunately, the parents, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey – who are a lot smarter than they look – took steps to detox their child from the heavy metals and the autism gradually receded. Now, CDC doctors are trying to say that the child never had autism.)

Be on the look out for more updates at this page as the child autism cases due to toxin-laced vaccines keep pouring in.

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