Advanced energy weapon destroyed Columbia?

OK, this is kind of a scary subject. I still remember back in 1986 when the Challenger shuttle exploded to smithereens. Everyone was speculating about what could have happened. The favourite theory was ice crystals causing malfunctions. Let’s look at a video with an alternate perspective that used infrared and ultraviolet scan cameras:

The accompanying theory: Columbia space shuttle mission sts-80 carrien DATA from Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph-Shuttle Pallet Satellite II (ORFEUS-SPAS II) is destroyed as it re-enters earth by some yet unknown plasma weapon. (( invisible UFOs can be view using infrared and ultraviolet scan cameras))Now, that’s not the scary part of this post. The scary part is in the proof that such a weapon can exist. Here is a headline from a post at softpedia with extract:

Researchers Trigger Lightning with Laser Beam

-Man-made lightnings receive upgrade

By: Gabriel Gache, Science News Editor

Lightning strike
Enlarge picture

During an experiment carried out in South Baldy Peak, New Mexico, European researchers using a high-power laser deliberately triggered electrical activity in two passing thunderstorms. Laser pulses created plasma filaments inside the clouds, through which electric current was discharged inside the clouds. However, no air-to-cloud lightning was created, because the plasma filaments produced by the laser were too short-lived to trigger such a discharge.

“This was an important first step toward triggering lightning strikes with laser beams. It was the first time we generated lightning precursors in a thundercloud,” said Jérôme Kasparian from the University of Lyon. To create a fully developed lightning discharge, the team would have to reconfigure the laser system so that the laser beams be fired in a sequence that would make longer-lived filaments…

You have proof now that lasers can be configured as lightning precursors. Of course, in the video all we can see is a lightning strike reaching for the space shuttle. If the shuttle’s flight trail was highly polarized with ions, then it could have easily created the necessary attraction for that lightning strike. The laser shot could just as easily come from above as the lightning precursor.As for the origin of this precursor, there are plenty of explanations besides ETs (or is it just UFOs?), but the question still remains as to why destroy the Columbia as opposed to any others? As we see from the post at softpedia, the man made (from this planet’s) potential as an energy weapon definitely exists.  Now, you have another reason to get your digital camera fitted for IR-UV-full spectrum photography by Life Pixel. Your camera can be the one that captures the truth when bad things happen to good people.

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