Reducing Electromagnetic Noise Exposure

The follow extract from Reducing Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure May Improve Your Health is taken from Unfortunately, Natural News is a bit behind in the times. The amount of EM noise that a person experiences from a computer eight hours a day is now negligable in comparison to the overall effects of today’s proliferation of EMF.

Even my articles on EMF Problems and Powerlines and Cancer are behind in the times because the same dangerous technologies have been proliferated at least 100 fold to support the infrastructure of “civilised” society.

The proliferation of microwave communications (e.g. WiFi) and the invasion of the airwaves of every frequency band available like cellphone technologies, exotic radio transmissions, and power lines exposes every person in civilised society to EM noise; it’s virtually unavoidable unless you live and work in a faraday cage of some kind. The article even states that anyone on this planet would find it difficult to not be exposed to some sort of EM transmission.

What I find of particular interest in this article is the mention electrically sensitive people. Here is an extract:

Ask those who have become “electrically sensitive” (ES), people who now experience a wide range of symptoms upon exposure to even low levels of EMF radiation and have a most difficult time finding a place to live safely in our wireless age. Symptoms can range from the uncomfortable (headaches, burning sensations, tingling) and debilitating (severe “brain fog,” heart arrhythmias, migraines, severe depression, chronic insomnia) to even life threatening (seizures, heart attacks). Many of today¬ís ES started out as healthy working citizens and through chronic and acute exposures to electric radiation (some worked directly with electronics and computers, others worked in standard school and business/office settings), they became electrically sensitive with little warning. Their message: it could be you next.

Becoming electrically sensitive is like developing an allergy. I remember that I had little if any sensitivity to pollen when I was much younger. Today, decades later, I’m allergic to pollen. A medical doctor might say that a person’s immune factors go down when they get older.

Fine. So I temper myself against allergens with immune system nutrition. But I still get some of those symptoms described in that article for electrically sensitive people. Then I try an experiement.

I made myself a cap out of copper mesh. Wore it to bed. Woke up the next morning. Voila. No headaches or the usual morning fatigue. There can only be one reason for this. Psychological? I’m nuts you say? Try it yourself – I assume that you’re smarter than the average negative nellie because you’re here. Let’s talk about Brainwave Rhythms; these are the harmonics that constitute your health patterns as well as your mind patterns.

EM noise interferes with natural brainwave rhythms. When we interfere with the living body’s normal biological rhythms with create all sorts of maladies. A few of the symptoms have already been mentioned. You can even find patents for electromagnetics and biomanipulation exactly because brainwave patterns can be manipulated – for good or evil.

What you need to do is protect yourself and the health of your loved ones. If you have any of the above symptoms of electrical sensitivity or heightened allergic reactions where there were none years ago, then your immune system is probably being compromised due to your body’s response to EM noise.

If you like, you can measure the amount of EM exposure you have you your living/working space with a Trifield Meter which can be obtained from Altered States in New Zealand or Futuretech in Oregon, USA. Altered States and Futuretech also carry devices to interfere with and transmutes the harmful components of EM Radiation on biological systems.

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