Chemtrail Poison in California

Our 13,000+ petition signatures are used daily to persuade legislators to stop the State of California from implementing their Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) aerial spraying plan for the Bay Area and the Central Coast. But, the Dept. of Agriculture is not wavering…yet.

More than two million people who live in targeted cities will be exposed this summer to chemicals that have never been tested on humans or animals before. Tell your friends to send a letter of protest to your state representative here:

More citizens must demand informed consent to continue to sway representatives. Organizers working with Care2 use our signatures almost every day to show the politicians that the opposition is growing. They also provide support for newly introduced legislation (AB 2892), which gives people affected by aerial spraying a vote.

When you sign this petition, we will deliver your signature to your state representative to let them know you support informed consent before aerial spraying.

According to the SF Chronicle, the so-called “inert” ingredients in the spray are dangerous to us:

  • Ammonium and sodium phosphates can irritate or burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. So can tricaprylyl methyl ammonium chloride, which is used to mothproof clothing and degrades into chemicals that are more environmentally toxic;
  • Polyvinyl alcohol, has caused cancerous tumors in lab animals.
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene may be linked to a spectrum of symptoms including asthma, gene mutations and cancer.
  • The little-studied 1,2-benzisothiozolin-3-one, a germicide, is considered highly toxic to green algae and marine invertebrates, according to a 2005 EPA re-registration document.And remember, treatments are not one-time events; they will be reapplied at 30- to 90-day intervals while the moths are active.

    If 2 million people are going to be sprayed, can half that number sign this petition? Please send this petition to everyone you know who might sign it. We’ll deliver the signature to your representative.

    Thanks for making a difference,

    Hilary Stamper
    Care2 and PetitionSite Team P.S. While we will deliver your letters to your reps and the governor, you can also call the Governor to register your opposition; officials continue to dismiss health complaints resulting from the first round of spraying. The governor needs to hear from every resident of the Bay Area that it is unacceptable to prioritize economics over human health: 916-445-2841

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