Blips on the Scopes

This article at Time Magazine on line is strange; it’s strange in the sense that you don’t see articles about UFOs in mainstream media. Big publishers usually leave that subject to the gossip rags like the Inquirer or the Sun.

You can’t help but wonder exactly what the big wigs of mainstream media have in mind by reporting “UFOs.” I can tell you from experience that the media is ALWAYS behind in the times when it comes to reporting truly advanced science and strange phenomena to the public. Mainstream editors and publishers work for higher ups themselves.  These higher ups are usually gov’t personnel who say what’s OK and not OK to print.  There’s always an angle when the “weird” stuff comes through that you usually see in underground and forums on the web.

Be on the look out for more mainstream reports of strange phenomena. Who knows? Maybe encounters of the third kind is just over the horizon? (here’s an extract:)

Over the White House. Barnes began to get worried when he saw the blips apparently flying over the White House and other prohibited areas. He called the airport control tower. Sure enough, its radar showed the strange blips too. When the towermen measured the speed of a fast blip, they found that it had flown for eight miles at 7,200 m.p.h.

Now the blips on Barnes’s scope were moving toward Andrews Air Force Base about ten miles to the east. Barnes called the Andrews tower. Nothing strange showed on its radar, but both towermen and an enlisted man on the field saw a single, round, orange light drifting in the southern sky. That was enough for Barnes. He called the Air Defense Command and reported an unidentified object was over the Washington area. Then he told an airline pilot, C. S. Pierman of Capital Airlines, who was about to take off for Pittsburgh, to watch for mysterious objects. Pierman climbed to 6,000 ft. and headed northwest. Barnes & Co. saw a group of strange blips cluster around the blip made by Pierman’s plane, and Pierman spotted a white light “like a falling star.” It sped away, and its blip disappeared from Barnes’s scope… (continues)

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