Why are we attracted to big egos?

Because we believe big egos and success go hand in hand – at least, this is the western paradigm.

There’s an ego attached to everyone including every authority figure. Each of those authority figures has a much bigger ego than anyone around him; this includes medical doctors.

Medical doctors can have egos that are beyond any professional wrestler. Pro wrestlers don’t hire gunmen to enforce their dogma on innocent people. Yet, this is the way it is, now; medical doctors have such huge egos because of their status that they have children taken away and parents arrested if we don’t agree with the medical dogma.

Please read the article, “Why Doctors are Idiots: 150 Years of Disastrous Advice on Children’s Health,” to see how those huge egos have done more harm than good to the American Republic. Read it carefully. 150 years later, those egos haven’t changed because the religion preached in medical schools HAS; that religion is now being taught by multi-national pharmaceutical companies, the richest corporations – and the biggest egos on the planet.

Huge egos are capable of spreading poison like wild fire, but remember: The American Republic has been trained to believe that big egos and success go hand in hand. The American Republic believes in that sensational sales pitch. This is how poison is spread.

Please visit Poison Spectrum if you believe that a loved one is suffering the slings and arrows of conventional medicine.

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