American Food Safety Quiz

Drug-laced corn flakes for breakfast? Fried chicken made from poultry raised on penicillin for dinner? Do we really know what we’re eating? Has the way America produces food gotten out of control?

Biotech companies are planting fields of corn, rice, and other food crops genetically engineered to grow drugs, hormones, plastics, and chemicals. Antibiotics are being fed to food animals that are not sick. These practices can have devastating consequences for our health, environment, and economy.

How much do you know about the foods that line your kitchen shelves? Click here to take our short quiz.

It will take strong government oversight and active citizen participation to keep our food safe. It will take the expertise, experience, and leadership of the Union of Concerned Scientists. And it will take the help of people like you.

UCS is spearheading the charge to:

  • Increase public awareness about practices that threaten our health and the safety of our food;

  • Ban the genetic engineering of food crops grown outdoors for the production of pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals;

  • Pass legislation prohibiting the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal agriculture;

  • Promote practical, modern, ways of producing food that maximize productivity and produce healthier animals and meat—all without damaging our soil, our water, and our air; and

  • Fight for your right to know what’s in the foods you’re eating by improving food labeling laws.

You can help our efforts by taking our short quiz and testing your own food knowledge. Then help us raise awareness about these issues by passing the quiz along to your friends and family. Together, we can really know what we’re eating—and be confident that it’s safe for us, our families, and for our planet.

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