Nutrition Spectrum is at half mast

Nutrition Spectrum is undergoing a complete overhaul. I had spent eight years with VitaCost and the good doctors of NSI since I had my site at health The foundation of Nutrition Spectrum was VitaCost.

When VitaCost marketing decided to pull the plug on the affiliate program on 1 Feb 2008, it was the equivalent of a building inspector saying that all the plumbing is bad and it has to be ripped out of this eight story building. Even if it was just a one story building, there’s no way of doing that without making a giant mess – so pardon my dust.

I’m doing my best right now to replace eight years of VitaCost plumbing with Puritan Pride and Vitamin World plumbing, but it’s not easy since the VitaCost links are so deeply integrated into each subject; it’s just a giant mess right now and there’s still a lot of bad plumbing.

Your patronage is deeply appreciated for keeping this tremendous information source available for your health and well being, so please use the Puritan Pride search box at the bottom of each page in case you run into a bad link.

Thanks for your time.


Randolph Directo, webmaster at

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