Newly expanded poison spectrum

The site at Poison Spectrum has been expanded. The navi bar at the left provides new links about diabetes type 2 and natural solutions to addictions like crystal meth. Actually, there’s a lot of carry over from other sites which I’ve had, but I’ve never gone over the subject of supression of human bioenergetics in this section. The implications have always been obvious to me, but maybe not so obvious to others.

I know that there are pro-Leary types out there who believe that they expand their consciousness through the use of certain recreational drugs. This may be true, but you debilitate your body and your cognitive mental faculties in the process. Poison is poison. We weaken the overall human condition no matter which poison it is.

The problem is we live in an instant gratification culture – which is what make the web so popular. I admit it, myself. It’s so easy to find information, I don’t bother with the public library anymore. True, I still have a number of esoteric, hardcopy books in my posession – the kind that no public library will ever carry, but I discover a great deal of info on the web. The difference is that I test that info for accuracy.

By the same token, there are people into instant gratification of the senses, instant gratification of their pain, misery, and suffering with false euphoria – and this is the marketing strategy of the poison dealers: Instant Gratification.

I’d like to know what the visitors at this site really want which is one of the reasons I set up this blog. Let me know what pleases you, so I can find an instant gratification substitute for you that’s safe.

I would prefer to live in a society of people with good heads on their shoulders. As of late, I haven’t been getting that. What I have been getting are poison attitudes like road rage, neuroses, and nervousness. Then I end up working at Poison Spectrum as a kind of sublimation. What I really need is a punching bag.

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