Science of Peace needs one more presenter

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Gregg Braden’s site. Although relatively obscure to most, there is an organisation by the name of Science of Peace which has made a documentary on their investigations in the causes of violence, here is the excerpt from Gregg Braden’s site:

THE SCIENCE OF PEACE, hosted by LeVar Burton, investigates
the causes of violence and the pathways to peace from today’s leading scientists.

guests include: Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin, James O’Dea, Marilyn Schlitz, Hans-Peter Durr, Arun Gandhi, Rupert Sheldrake, Elisabet Sahtouris, Roger Nelson, Edgar Mitchell, Lynne McTaggart and Rolin McCraty.

For more information on this project please visit:

Exerpt from the Science of Peace site:

“Our missions is threefold:

“To introduce cutting edge information and technology from leading scientists who are uncovering the real causes of conflict and the tools for peace

“To inspire, uplift, and enroll people to use these tools to claim sovereignty over their lives

“To actively engage large numbers of people from all over the world to unite in an unprecedented world peace experiment…”

The reason I place this under nutrition spectrum is because there is at least one more presenter for this movement who needs to be heard. If you have investigated my site at Nutrition Spectrum, then you may have come across a paper by Derrick Londsdale entitled, “A NEW MODEL FOR DISEASE: A PARADIGM SHIFT.” Here is an excerpt from this paper:

“Many of us, in the so-called developed part of the world, suffer unknowingly from the effects of high calorie malnutrition. The primitive part of the brain becomes irritable and the victim becomes more inappropriately emotional. Children have temper tantrums and may become violent and destructive. Adults become angry too easily and their emotional reactions are exaggerated. In short, we become more primitive in our reactions to the outside world….”

With an excerpt from my commentary:

Dr. Londsdale hits the nail on the head when he points out how malnutrition causes higher brain functions to revert back to the primitive limbic system.

I agree with his opinion on every detail concerning malnutrition leading to disease and aberrant behavior. In the city of East Palo Alto, California, there is now a curfew for teenagers under 18 in order to help curb gang violence. With the same money going into the law enforcement infrastructure to enforce that curfew, important essential nutrients could be distributed among families in this city. Who lives in East Palo Alto? Mostly Poor Black families.

Dr. Londsdale brings up these important issues in light of our decadent culture glorifying empty calories and prescription drugs rather than optimizing our health through natural nutrition. If you have read the paper on Mineralized Organic Super Foods, then you understand that our supermarket farmed food supply has steadily been losing essential nutrients over the decades due to super-efficient, corporate farming methods (super-efficient in the sense of growing more crops in extreme climates and depleted soils using GMO’s); this is the reason why most Americans are constantly hungry. We are constantly trying to replenish our bodies with important vitamins and minerals from a nutrient depleted food supply.

I recommend “A NEW MODEL FOR DISEASE: A PARADIGM SHIFT” as a reading for you in regards to the nutritional aspect of crux of the psychosocial problems facing humanity. I also recommend that Science of Peace adopt Dr. Londsdale’s model of human consciousness as a direct relation to human psychobiological requirements for the proper amounts essential nutrients.

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