Month: February 2009

Healing Power of Music: Solfeggio Scale Tones

There is an update to the page on The Healing Power of Music: Music can influence the natural healing motility of genes, cells, and various structures in the body. Treatise on the Solfeggio Scale is included. Above is a psychedelic

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National Cancer Institute Research Costs (You) Too Much

Here’s a bit of fiscal news from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Their asking for billions of dollars to look for “a cure” for cancer from the government: Budget Proposal Highlights Progress and Opportunities in Cancer Research Last week NCI

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Propaganda: “Vitamin Pills Don’t Help” (cancer)

Here is the original article as I saw it in my local newspaper: Vitamin Pills Don’t Help They don’t curb cancer, heart risk The largest study ever of mult-vitamin use in older women found they did nothing to prevent common

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Reform the Food and Drug Administration

This post is a follow up to Stop the FDA Witch Hunt. If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you can share your opinion of the effects that the FDA has had on the health and well being of every

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Is the Hidden Microwave Infrastructure Dangerous?

This post is a follow up to Colony Collapse Disorder Honey Bee Research and Bioenergetic Research on Vanishing Bees. It seems that school children must suffer the effects of a microwave infrastructure that school district officials chose to install without

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