Year: 2008

e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes January 2009 Contest

We are beginning the New Year with an essay contest for one pair of e Spira Women’s Walking Shoes, size 10.5, regular width, retail priced at $129.99! The contest lasts until 31 January 2009 wherein the winner of this contest

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video: Regeneration of Cells, Regenerative Medicine

This video begins with an example of a hobby shop salesman completely growing back the tip of his finger in four weeks: Dr. Steven Battlick of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for regenerative medicine says that extra cellular matrix

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Important Energy Nutrient: Co Enzyme Q10

The following extract is from one of the best research papers I’ve seen on the bioenergetics of Co Q10. Not enough mainstream doctors are realising the benefits of Co Q10 (or any other essential nutrient for that matter) because they

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Stop the FDA Witch Hunt

Petition to Reform the FDA The American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) is leading a campaign to reform the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We ask you to join with us in signing the Reform FDA Petition presented below. This

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Magnetic Therapy: Scalar Magnetic Pulse Device?

I’ve been working on a little project in pulsed magnetic therapy. I threw together this hand held device based on a reports I’ve published here, namely Genetic Defects and Project HAARP. I’ve been wondering to myself for a while if

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DARPA research in paranormal bioenergetics (psychotronics)

Oct 29, 2008 01:55 PM U.S. and Soviet spooks studied paranormal powers to find a Cold War advantage (extracts from Scientific America) Working with Washington, D.C., think tank RAND Corporation, DARPA determined that paranormal research by the Soviets focused on

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UK Gov’t Studies in ESP and Paranormal

What grabbed me most about the following article is it’s publishing in mainstream press. I imagine in the UK that lips are not so tight, minds are not so closed, and the subject of paranormal phenomena is not so fictionalized

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Video: Planter Box Construction for Mineralized Organic Superfoods

I finally got around to editing all the footage I took of my construction of this planter box during summer 2008. Yes, my plate is full, but I’m proud to present this video which includes measurements, instructions, and links to

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Mysterious UV Light Anti-virus Therapy

Symptomatic Relief of Herpetic Skin Lesions Utilizing an Energy Based Approach to Healing W. John Martin and Jon Stoneburner Center for Complex Infectious Diseases Rosemead, CA 91770 Running Title: PHOTON LENDING POWDR + UV LIGHT ANTI-VIRUS THERAPY Abstract Herpes simplex

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Genetic Defects and Project HAARP

If I remember, I picked up this information in an appendix of the Montauk Project. I made a spin on this appendix and I’ve gathered some evidence as to the actual scientific workings of HAARP through similar experiments. Please have

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